Recently, the geometric A PRO model opened the true “Cheng” pre-sale live event during the Tmall live broadcast, and the Tmall platform searched for the official flagship store of Geely A Pro during pre-sale. You can enter the booking of geometric A Pro. The new car launched two battery life, a total of 43 square plates, A43 cubic version, A60 cubic version and A60 power square version of the four configuration models, its official pre-sale price range is 14-19 million yuan, of which 430 kilometers of battery life From 140,000 yuan, the pre-sale price of 600 kilometers of battery life is 170,000.

In terms of appearance, the geometric A Pro serves as a revised upgrade of the geometric A, the appearance uses a new design of the two-color body, and the black roof and silver body have made a contrast color matching, and the shape is more fashionable. The front headlight portion of the head has a fuma-black treatment, and there is a visual echo with the roof and wheels, and the integrity is relatively strong.

In terms of interior, the seat material of the new car uses deer skin with high-end texture, and the environmental protection combined with a comfortable touch, compared to the previous upgrade, it is necessary to upgrade the texture of the texture. In addition, the deer fleezes also carry out waterproof, oil-proof, anti-polluting coating, and combine beauty and practical. The new car is equipped with a full liquid crystal dashboard, equipped with large-sized suspended central control touch screen, double-flexible multi-function steering wheel adopts flat bottom design, also uses contrasting matching, electronic shifting is set to knob operation, interior inside the vehicle Very modern technology atmosphere.

In addition, a 72-color respiratory intelligent rhythm atmosphere is equipped with a 72-color respiratory intelligent rhythm. In different driving mode, the light can follow the follow-up and music transformation. In order to cater to the pursuit of science and technology and intelligence, the new car has also been fully upgraded in intelligent intersection. The GKUI EV intelligent ecosystem that Geely Automobile is specifically made for EV models, Jindong, Jingdong The third party interface and support users choose Gao De, Baidu, and realize the three-party interconnection of smart home, car and mobile phones. The voice interaction between the new car is very powerful. The owner can directly control a range of functions in the car through the voice command, such as switch windows, air conditioners, adjustment navigation destination, etc.

In terms of power, the new car is equipped with nickel 55 NCM523 battery, with a single 183WH / kg high-density, 70kw · H high-capacity battery pack, using high-performance three-in-one electric drive system, its maximum horsepower reaches 204 ps, maximum torque is 310N · M, the maximum battery life under NEDC standards can reach 600 kilometers, and the performance is quite good. And also launched a 430-kilometer end-of-day entry.

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