Since the new energy car has the benefits of policy benefits such as exemption, the maintenance, the maintenance, the use of cars is cheap, so the consumers who buy new energy vehicles are more and more.

However, the increase in the number of new energy vehicles has also increased the complaints of new energy vehicles.

For example, 5 suspected negligers to be inventory is that consumers often complain, let’s take a look, what are you in the middle?

Complaints 1: Renewal Mileage “Discount”

For new energy vehicles, one of the most important performance parameters is the endless mileage; however, there are many consumers complained that after using the car, the actual endless mileage of the purchased vehicles is poor. One.

Especially at low temperatures, the actual endless mileage of the vehicle is greatly shrunk, which is very impact on the vehicle experience.

In addition, many new energy vehicles are slow, and they do not match the manufacturer’s propaganda.

Complaint 2: Battery quality problems

As one of the important components of the three-power system, it can be said to be the most important part of the new energy vehicle, and it is also one of the most prominent components.

Many consumer complaints: Your own car often presents problems such as battery use, charging failure.

So, when we buy a car, it is best to buy a new energy model for the battery after-sales quality insulation.

Complaint 3: Safety is worrying

In addition to battery problems, the gearbox of new energy models is soaring, and the transmission of the transmission is frustrated, the power disappears, and the consumers are also plagued.

More plague of consumers, there is a self-ignition problem of new energy vehicles – although new energy vehicles are low in self-ignition probability, after all, they are closely related to the safety of drivers and passengers.

In case, we have a self-combustion. If the fire is just that, in the case of power off, it must stand up to the electricity; but if the fire is large, we must evacuate the scene in time, escape to the safe position, and Call alarm, waiting for fire or police support.

Complaint 4: The service level is not high after sales

The new energy vehicle is very different from the power assembly system and the traditional fuel car, so there is a big difference with the traditional fuel car on the after-sales service. For example, the maintenance of traditional fuel vehicles usually needs to add oil, and the pure electric car will No need for oil.

Relative, the maintenance of new energy vehicles should involve the inspection and maintenance of the three-power system, and the maintenance technicians of new energy vehicles should also detect repair and repair against vehicle high-voltage electricity (500V below), far different from the general car maintenance. electrician.

This has led to a small after-sales service level of some new energy 4S shops, which is also a problem that the new energy manufacturers need to be solved.

Complaint 5: Replace the battery pack cost

Many consumers choose new energy vehicles, mainly to see the cost of new energy vehicles, but when these cars are mainly replaced by the battery pack, they will find that the cost of replacing the battery pack is even more expensive than buying a new car. .

The battery pack is so expensive, one is because the battery’s manufacturing cost occupies more than 1/3 of the manufacturing cost of the whole vehicle; its second is because buying new energy cars can enjoy national subsidies, and buy a single accessory, there is no way to enjoy subsidies. Natural prices are also high.

The domestic new energy automotive industry is indeed vigorous development, but we can’t ignore all kinds of troubles including the above five problems. We also believe that if the above problem can be well resolved, the domestic new energy industry can also be more floor.

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