Geometric A is the high-end electric vehicle brand model of Geely, while March 21, geometric A ushered in the new upgrade version of the geometric A Pro, the pre-sale of the car has also been concerned about many consumers, then this car ratio What changes do you have from Geometric A, how is this car? Let’s take a look.

Let’s take a look at the appearance of geometric a pro, first is its front face, the overall shape of the front face is still very round, the headlights on both sides are also very sharp, slender and sharp The headlights are still a full momentum. The closed grille makes the whole face looks a whole and strong, the entire face of the front face is at the bottom of the front of the front, shaping a rich level of layer and uneven texture. Plus an angle round of rounded rectangular rectangles, the whole face is a faceful face, and the texture is also very good.

The overall line of the side is also very smooth, coupled with its black roof, the entire shape identification and visual effect is still very strong, plus its side muscle shaping is also very bodyless, the direction of the line is also designed. Very beautiful, so the texture of the entire side is quite in place. Plus its silver five-petal flower hub is also very conspicuous, increasing the side of the mechanical, so that the side looks very flavor. The shape design of the tail is also very round, in line with the overall style, relatively compared to the distribution of the lines is also relatively balanced, and the level of layers is still very rich.

In terms of interior, first, its coloring is still more calm, and the design of the entire center console is also a sense of technology, very special small dashboard design, abandoning the traditional embedded, this design is very new, But it may not be very easy to be accepted by the public. Relatively, the sleeve design is still very beautiful, plus its multi-function steering wheel, knock shifts, and the functions of the show, which have greatly added the comfort of driving. .

The maximum power of the permanent magnet synchronous motor mounted in the dynamic aspect is 150kW, the maximum torque is 310 nm. The battery pack is equipped with a three-dimensional lithium battery. The NEDC endless mileage has reached 600km, which has surpassed most of the new energy life of most new energy, which is completely able to meet all of your travel needs and don’t have to travel anxiety.

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