In numerous models, pick trucks can be said to be a relatively unique model, because it is very functional, as a household car, it can not only meet the needs of the manned people, but also can pull the goods, practical Sex is particularly good. As a tool car, its storage space is much better than the traditional MPV, so the controversy of the pick truck is also very large. Therefore, some places will prohibit pickup trucks from entering the urban area, but in any case, pickup is very nice model in the hearts of people in consumers.

In the era of new energy, pick trucks have also been added to the electric vehicle ranks, but there is no highlight of the past electric pickup, and the author said today, the appearance is really attractive, although unique but not alternative, There is no listing yet, let us take a look at the electric pickup of this Canoo.

In terms of appearance, it is different from other pickup models. The car’s head is very boring. The front face uses a flat design, which allows the cockpit to move as much as possible, and reserved more space later . Although this unique design is used, it does not affect its shape, it can be said that it is full of future, a bit like a car appearance in future movies.

In terms of interior, the current conceptual map can be seen that in the same way, it is a small storage box in front of it, and can put a lower daily item, or some small goods, while the shape of the steering wheel is similar to square There is a strong sense of science and mechanical. There is not much complex design, and even the multimedia screens we have not seen it, which may be in order to emphasize the special identity of its tool cars, which greatly reduces the use of cars that there may be faults.

The reservoir behind the car is a highlight of the car. The car’s freight box can be put down, and the back space is derived. In the storage, the rear seat design is very clever, folded The design can be put down when there is a need for a demand, and it is very practical when loading the goods. It is worth mentioning that the car can also be modified into a camping tent to meet the camping demand in the future, this is very surprised.

The last is power, the car is equipped with a two-motor combination of 441kW, the maximum load is 816kg, but the continuous street has become a short board, only 322km, this is still unfortunate. How do you think this kind of electric pickup?

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