With the popularity of electric vehicles, many people will have such questions when they buy a car, is it to buy a fuel car or buy an electric car? In fact, there are many advantages in electric vehicles, such as a strong manifest performance than the fuel trucks of the same price, and the configuration is also compared with the same level of fuel cars. However, there are many factors that hinder the development of electric vehicles. It is well known that the charging problem of electric vehicles has always been a problem. Even in the north, the city is very large, the public charging pile is a bit stretched. If there is no condition to install private charging pile, then true The like is a “electric” home.

In fact, for electric vehicles, difficulties are more than just charging problems, in fact, repair is also a boss. In the past few decades, the electric vehicle has been truly promoted to the market, so there is no more than a few problems, so there is no reference. In the development of the fuel car internal combustion engine, the technology is more stable and mature, even if there are some problems, the experience of the maintenance master is also very rich. However, the electric car is not, due to the uniqueness of the “three electric” system, in some problems, the ordinary mechanics are also helped, and professional electrical engineers need to repair, so that the technical threshold for maintenance is caused.

Not only that, now there is a relatively large technical difference between major electric vehicle manufacturers, and some have their own unique electric vehicle platforms, and some companies have a leading position in the fields of batteries. There is a high technical barrier between different manufacturers. This brings more difficult problems to the maintenance. On the one hand, the technology is not universal. On the other hand, the parts are not universal, so the electric vehicle is maintained to go to special 4S shop. However, the maintenance of the 4S shop is in order to rank, and cannot meet the needs of user maintenance. On the other hand, the maintenance cost of the 4S shop is too expensive, which is much higher than the ordinary auto repair shop.

After the hardware is finished, the software part also has a lot of problems. We all know that now electric vehicles, almost all of the Chinese control screens, who are in the middle of the LCD instrument. In this way, the reliability of the software is very important. Many owners have reacted, their electric vehicles suddenly out of control during driving, and they cannot control vehicles, and there will be a traffic accident. Therefore, a new class of maintenance technicians have been born, which is the software system maintenance personnel. However, such personnel can only be trained by the manufacturer. Other agencies cannot obtain maintenance qualifications, so the maintenance can only rely on the 4S shop, so it has returned to the problem we just said.

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