With the rise of new energy, more and more car companies have focused on developing new energy industries and launched a lot of new energy models. Not only is the car enterprise, but also a lot of cross-border-made cars, but Sony is also one of the brands of cross-border. As we all know, Sony is a famous comprehensive multinational corporate group, with many electronic products sold, such as cameras, mobile phones, and computers, TV, etc., and Sony cross-border to the car industry seem to be unexpected.

Indeed, cross-border car is not a new thing, and there is a message that Xiaomi wants to make a cross-border. The brand of cross-border car has its own advantages, such as Sony today, “Sony Dafa is good” this sentence is sure that many people have heard of it, this is enough to explain Sony’s brand influence. Back to the topic of the car, what car is Sony makes? It is understood that Sony is about to debut a concept model called Sony Vision-S at the end of March this year, then what kind of car is SONY VISION-S? Let’s take a look with the author.

First of all, SONY VISION-S positioning is a pure electric car, the appearance is very fashionable, and the style route is similar to Xiaopeng P7. The long-width height of the car is 4895 * 1900 * 1450mm, the wheel spacing is 3000mm, Such size is a typical A-class sedan, from the size of this car, the audience should be the first time to buy an electric car. The front face of SONY VISION-S uses minimalistic design style, both large headlights, like eye, let people feel in love with it, and its logo design is also very simple, very handsome. The side of the body is very smooth and full, in line with most people’s aesthetics.

In terms of interior, SONY VISION-S adopts three three-screen design, the central control is full of technology, the overall color style is black and white, and it has added a point for technology. Whether it is a driving position or a co-pilot location, it can easily make operations on the multimedia screen, or very humanized.

In terms of power, the car is equipped with a motor of 200kw, and the 100-kilometer acceleration only needs 4.8s, which can be said that power is. Of course, the current data is not the result of mass production, but the initial data of the concept car, and some changes may occur in the future, and the battery is not clear, but it should not be poor, otherwise Sony’s reputation can be I will pay the east. Do you look forward to the mass production of this car?

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