Billion Lithium Chairman Liu Jincheng

On March 18th, the “2nd New Energy Automobile and Power Battery (CIBF2021 Shenzhen) International Exchange Conference Held in Shenzhen”

[Focus on “Electric Vehicle Observer” public account, and replies to “100 million latitude” in the public number dialog, it can obtain “electric vehicle observationers” to organize the 100 million weft lithium can be supported by car enterprises and battery types and models. 】

Liu Jincheng, chairman of Yip Lithium, pointed out that the soft bag battery is an excellent product of “10,000 thousand pets”, first of all, the energy density alone, can do 280-300Wh / kg; second, safety There is an advantage, “it is absolutely not fried, burned”; third, product iteration still has a prospect, a full solid state battery, a metal lithium battery, etc., which generally uses a soft bag production process and technology. In the words of Liu Jincheng, this beauty is even if it is still in the sky.

In addition, the soft bag battery is made of a laminated process, and its electrode is flat, and the current density distribution is uniform, and it is very thin, so its low temperature performance and fast charge are very good, this is a very important feature of electric vehicles.

In terms of technological innovation, according to Liu Jincheng, it is currently developing a soft bag battery product having exceeding 300Wh / kg, a cycle life of more than 1800, and the system level has been done longer than the battery life. above 50.

Liu Jincheng said that in 2020, Yi Qi lithium can be packaged in 3GWH, and 10GWH soft package can achieve full production. Soft bag battery capacity planning, Yi Lithium can be soft package production can have a probably 10GWH, and the Yixi lithium can be 27GWH, which is expected to increase the capacity of 16GHW. Overall, Yixi lithium energy can be placed in 53GWH.

From last year, Yi Qi lithium battery power battery is ranked Seventh, and the car is 1.08GWH.

2020 movement battery installed volume TOP10, Source: Certificate of Factory

When talking about the company’s development positioning, Liu Jincheng said that the company has observed the development of the next 3-5 years or even 10 years, the future of the lithium market will be very large, beyond many people. Based on this, billion lithium can also adjust development positioning from “steady progress” to “strive for the new energy era”, strive to create the most creative lithium battery leading enterprises.


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