On March 18th, the “R Brand Creative Ecological Conference” was held in Shenzhen.

At the press conference, the R car released new technology “R-TECH” and new car ES33. Among them, ES33 became the first R car with R-Tech technology, will be available in the second half of 2022.

In this regard, how did the netizens evaluate?

Some people on Weibo said that this is in the show muscles.

“Electric Vehicle Association” riders said that this is painting the big cake.

The comments below R car official Weibo are as follows:

So, the R car is released?


5 years invested 20 billion yuan, R-TECH debut

R cars believe that R-Tech is a new starting point towards the intelligent car era. This technology is formed on the “data decision experience, software definition car”, has been developed for 5 years, with a total investment of more than 20 billion yuan, using multiple top-tip soft hardware technology.

First, the hardware can be switched to upgrade.

Second, software can buy can be available.

Third, the battery can be charged to be upgraded.

Among them, the core of R-TECH is full stack of high-rise science PP-CEMTM, which is the intelligent driving assistance technology we usually say.

Speaking of smart driving assistance technologies, naturally inseparable from radar and chip.

R-Tech uses the Luminar laser radar solution and premium 4D imaging radar, and the Yingda Drive Agx Orintm super-intensive force chip.

Specifically, look:

First, the LUMINAR laser radar solution is the top-level solution in the industry, and the R car will become the world’s first car enterprise with this technology.

Compared to conventional laser radar, the Luminar laser radar can generate the finest three-dimensional point cloud information, using a 1550 nano-light source that conforms to human eye, and the detection distance is 500 meters, exceeding 300 lines. This radar is located on the roof and can see farther, clearer, and more recognition accuracy of obstacles.

Second, the R car will become a vehicle in China’s first vehicle, which is located in a radar, which is located in the lower part of the front of the front of the front.

Compared to ordinary millimeter waverad, Premium 4D imaging radar has two advantages:

1, with high performance.

2, the accuracy increases a quantitude, the detection is more than 350 meters. For example, you can detect a cola cans other than 140 meters.

At the same time, the R car will also take the first to mass production to use the Ying Weida Drive Agx OrinTM super integrated force chip. This chip has a power level of 500 to 1000 + TOPS. This is also the British Weight Drive Agx orintm super-force chip to get on the bus.

In addition, there is a smart cockpit and aiot intelligent hardware. This intelligent hardware can make plug and play, the user decides whether it is used according to your own wishes. This makes the cockpit more intelligent, more personal and humanized.

Overall, because of these techniques, “R car will no longer mix the white cargo box of the front truck to talk to the sky, and will not have a smashing tunnel. No matter where the ‘Chinese’ complex traffic scene, It still encounters extreme weather scenes such as rain and snow, dense fog, can ensure that users have more, calmly respond. “


Significant electricity

R car battery can never be ignited

In addition, R cars also talked to their own three-electric technology at the press conference. The highlight is:

1, can be upgraded.

2, never ignore.

For battery technology that can be exchangeable can be exchanged, it is necessary to keep the readers of each electric vehicle group, but often.

A few years ago, when it was the first time in China and practiced this technology, the external attitude was almost criticized, and it was thought that this is a new force to put the money on the PPT. Today, it has become a reality on these PPTs, and has achieved good results. And we also saw that more car companies have begun to force toward this direction, and even a bit of chasing my catch.

Let’s take a look at the “chargeable, convertable, upgraded, and multi-live” intelligent energy supply services proposed by the R car.

Can be charged, as the name implies are capable of charging. However, the R car proposed the concept of “charging”, “the user of the central city can find the public charging pile of R car app within 1 km of 1 km.

Convert, is the power-saving mode. The vision of R car is to achieve a 2-minute quick power exchange.

The upgrade is naturally an upgrade of the battery degree. According to the animation on the PPT on the PPT, the R car shows the battery from 600 km to 1000 kilometers.

Mutual charge, refers to charging the car by automatically replenishing the robot. This concept is actually not a new thing. Last year, the public released a video about this.

In any case, if these technologies can successfully land, they will bring a more pleasant car experience to electric car users.

In addition, R car means that their battery will never be self-ignite.

“R car is based on aviation standard, which can realize the L0 level zero-heat loss management. Through the cloud real-time monitoring of efficient active warning, the cloud health check is performed for each power battery, and the battery pack due to the thermal out-of control probability caused by the battery. It is close to zero, doing never burn. “(Finished here)

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