The spring tree in the Japanese writer village has said that before arriving, you must pass the darkness. However, it may be only an endless darkness in front of you, and you can’t reach the other side of the light.

For the new car forces, the moment is already the best time before the coming, just, when this electric smart car is blooming, who will be freezed to death?

After the new car is extensive, there is still some of the barbaric development, although the remaining head cars is still weak, but it has begun well known to the market and recognized by the user.

Data is always the most straightforward truth, let’s take a look at these heads to make a new car forces, how to spend the performance of sales in the past year.

蔚 来: 2020 accumulated 43,728 vehicles, three models of ES8, ES6, EC6, the price range of 300,000 to 500,000 yuan.

Ideal: The accumulated sales of 32,624 vehicles in 2020, with one model, the price range of 300,000 yuan.

Xiaopeng: 27,041 accumulated in 2020, there are two models of G3 and P7, and the price range is 100,000 to 300,000 yuan.

Weima: In 2020, the total sales volume of 22,495 vehicles, EX5, EX6 PLUS models, the price range of 100,000 to 200,000 yuan.

Zero Run: In 2020, sales of 11,391 units, there are T03, S01 models, and the price range is 50,000 to 140,000 yuan.

Hezhong: In 2020, sales 8,158 vehicles, which is u, which is V, which is the three models of N01, the price range is 50,000 to 190,000 yuan.

Today, let’s talk about Weima, this new car for the most traditional car enterprises, not only its executive team originated from Geely, Volvo, General and other traditional car companies, sales models also integrate Internet direct and traditional distribution. The advantage of merchant model.

Wah took a different development route from the beginning. After the Mi, Xiaopeng and other car companies, Weilan came to the on-site road, and Wei Ma has acquired the dual qualification of the car, and built a new factory in Wenzhou. A sentence “The OEM will not sleep”, so that Weima and all the new cars are enemy.

However, the division of the car camp has never been speaking on sales. In the latest Weima and the new car forces camp, it is the three major heads of new car forces, and it is unbeworthy, and there is no doubt, ideal I was born out of Weima and enter the position of the first three.

As a new car forces, endless electric and intelligent, etc. have made market numbness, under the strong brand, market appeal and scale advantage, there is no unique advantage and individuality under the advantages of traditional car companies, and obtain users. s concern.

The luxury independent brand positioning, power-saving mode and the ultimate after-sales service system; Xiaopeng has a title of Tesla, the self-developed automatic driving system and the leading industry of self-built charging piles; ideal has real-demand reunion The system, and the industry’s premier cost control capability.

Compared with these three new cars, Wema is flat, not to say that the 100,000 goals raised in the early years have long been disappeared.

Geely Automotive against Weima claims 2.1 billion lawsuits, although it is unable to explain the direct contact of the Weimar type and Geely fuel car, but its first model EX5 is the only one with the traditional car enterprise, the same, Place the charging port in the model of the front end of the engine.

In the ultimate service of it, Xiaopeng’s extreme technology, the ideal ultimate market, Wema is more like the electric car division of the traditional car enterprise, although it is also safe and stable, but it can’t follow this need. Alternative Internet Operate Thinking Market, you have to compete with traditional car companies, it is even more than possible.

In the capital market, Wei Si, Ideally, Xiaopeng has successively realized US stock markets, although the stock price is like a roller coaster, but to a large extent, the capital market recognizes them, and the Weimak crew is launched. Failed to become a reality, more shares, Hong Kong stocks.

Extremely pursuing and eager for funds, even if the annual sales is only tens of thousands, even if it is still in a serious loss state, the new car is not a three-inch non-tongue tongue, can do now, can also talk about the future The story, and this is a great preference in the capital market. When the investment source is constantly incorporated, the benign cycle is enough to let the story of a aerial pavilion will continue.

In the next generation of car, 蔚 来 ET7, Xiaopeng D55, Ideal X01 has enough highlights to make users look forward, and Weima’s first concept car has already debuted, but there is no follow-up news announcement, and the latest W6, the third-party solution of Baidu automatic driving technology is characterized, even only the highlight of the automatic parking, it seems to make W6 no differentiated competitive advantage.

Wei Ma once told Wei, Xiaopeng stationed on the same running line, and even had some leading advantages, but with the spread of Internet car companies, the cluster effect, whether it is network traffic, or vehicle sales, Weima began to fall, Under the frequent changes, it seems that there is no way to break through the current difficulties.

After the new car is finally established, the advantages of more traditional characteristics have been more traditional, and now it has become a stumbling block of Weima.

The new car will have a quick horse whip, a dusty, and Wema has lost the third position of the new power of the car, and with the comprehension of the autonomous tradition, it has entered the electric smart car, and the market positioning of 100,000 yuan will make it Abdominal back is affected. Electric smart cars finally ushered in the hopeful spring, but will Weame’s spring will arrive? Will this spring will come?

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