The temperature in Yangchun has gradually recovered, and some areas have felt the savory of summer. At the same time, with the global energy transformation, new energy cars is a general trend, and everyone is getting more and more attention, accepting and purchasing new energy cars. More new vehicles listed in March, especially new energy models, insertions, pure electricity, the key is that each car is high, but the hydrogen cloud chain specially picks out these three models, come with everyone to see See how your strength is to see if there is any food?

FAW-Volkswagen ID.4 Crozzz

Officially selling price (after subsidies): 19.99 million -279,900 yuan

As an FAW-Volkswagen’s first pure electric SUV, ID.4 Crozz from the public new MEB pure electric platform, the vehicle basically inherits overall design of overseas version of ID. 4, more original.

The appearance section, the front face is designed with a closed grille, through the Dynamic LED day, the label is passed through the car standard, the car standard can be lit; the side of the two-color body is used; the taillights are also through the design, style and head The lamp emits.

In terms of body size, the length and width height is 4592/1852 / 1629mm, and the wheelbase is 2765mm.

In terms of power, the new car offers 125KW, 150KW and 225KW three motors, matching 55KWH, 84.8KWH two-dimensional lithium batteries, the battery life is 400km, 550km and 500km, respectively.

Hydro Yun Chain Review:

Adopt ID. Family style, smoothness, dynamic, overall line round, interior, simple and extremely technological, always speaking, the public id.4 crozz is still very concerned. However, in terms of endurance, it can only be medium levels than domestic independent brand models.


Officially selling price (after subsidies): 2.98-468 million

Punk car debuted at the Jinan Auto Show in 2018, the time is still a new generation brand of Y Jieji, but it is already a new brand as a Great Wall Auto, maybe seeing Hongguang Mini EV has been popular in the market. Punk car also wants to make up and launched a punk beauty, starting at 29,800 yuan.

In terms of appearance, punk beauty is small and beautiful, and the overall car body is round and smooth. It is worth noting that the front face uses the design style of the split headlight and the through-type daily linelight to echo, further enhance the beauty of the whole vehicle.

The length of the vehicle is 3025/1500 / 1515mm, respectively, and the wheelbase is 1950 mm.

In terms of power, punk beauty has two power combinations, and the motor power is 10KW (14 hp) and 15KW (20 hp), which is equipped with lithium iron phosphate batteries. The battery pack is 14kWh and 9.2kWh, and the battery has 170km and 120km.

Hydro Yun Chain Review:

As a model with Mitsubaramine Mini EV, punk beauty is slightly larger than the macro size of MINI EV, but only 2 seats, this is a lot in daily practicality. As for the endless mileage, the performance of the macro mini EV is not large.

Qin Plus DM-I

Official pre-sale price (after subsidies): 107,800-147,800 yuan

Old Badi in the field of autonomous brand new energy field, with its DM-I plug technology, the new DM-I system pays more attention to fuel economy, and the first model of the vehicle is equipped with the mixed system Qin Plus DM-I It has been officially launched, and the Song Plus DM-I and Tang DM-I will also be launched later.

In terms of appearance, it is still using the Dragon Face of the BYD family, simple atmosphere, with oriental aesthetics.

In terms of the body size, the length and width height is 4765/1837 / 1495mm, and the wheelbase is 2718mm.

In terms of power, the biggest highlight of the new car is the high-end mixing system that is equipped with 1.5L engine + motor. The engine maximum power is 81KW. Qin PlusDM-I loss electricity fuel consumption of 3.8L / 100km, full oil full The integrated battery life is 1245km in the case of electricity.

Hydro Yun Chain Review:

As the first show model of BYD DM-I, Qin Plus’s largest look is no suspense, that is, DM-I. In the DM-I system, the main role of the engine is power generation, rather than driving, can be said to refresh everyone’s concept of mixing models, for such a “generator”, super simple, high reliability, efficiency High, the volume is super small, the cost is too low … Do you not expect?

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