This “movie” is not bad, but some are bored

If the “Volkswagen Battery Day” is a movie on March 15, it is imbalance in the creation of the script. If you fall back, you don’t know what the viewer wants to see from the scriptwriter to the production.

I don’t know if I can learn, I will learn Tsla, and I don’t think about it. In fact, “Battery Day” This idea is likely to come from Tesla, after all, September, Tesla, first. In Silicon Valley, establish a “Developer Conference” day every year, very common. At first, everyone is still only for third-party personal developers, preaching technical architecture, software development and other professional content. Later, it was found that the ordinary public also liked it, slowly turned into some form of product technology conference.

Regardless of how it changed, it must be a cognitive level of ordinary users in technology. Therefore, the developer conference of each technology company has become a technique for the most prospects and attractive techniques with beautiful animations, simple and popular languages. In fact, it has become a large public relations activity of the company’s technology image. The earliest “paradigm” is probably the “Joe Gang” is set down.

Bored, but pointed

Tesla is so dry. Last year Tesla’s battery sunshine is: no-eagle ear battery, 4680 battery, cobalt battery, new high-performance model. The results given by some public opinion after the result is “there is no subversion technology”. If this standard is followed, the evaluation of the Volkswagen Battery is “no technology”.

The public regards “battery day” as a strategic planning meeting or a telephone financial report. Investors, analysts and suppliers may be interested, but for the public, it is obviously lacked excitement. There is no skillful crossing, there is no exciting bridge, so that it is straight for two hours. Compared with the exhibition of competitors, this “movie” is not bad, but it is boring. The public did not want to know who the audience is, naturally, there is no way to figure out the points of interest.

Strictly speaking, the public “battery day” is dry goods, and there are still a lot. It clearly develops the development direction and roadmap of the next 5-10 years. If you are in place, CEO Disresses will get a historical position exceeding Pyzzhi. He will become a leader who leads to the public and rushed to the new world. For “believers”, it is about between Moses and Muhammad.

Disrestead, “The transformation of our electric car will be fast, which will be unprecedented.” If the leading situation in the battery industry is obviously not fast enough.

The direction has become unquestionable, and it cannot be turned back. There are two issues facing the public: one how to make huge traditional business resources, effectively transform the competitiveness in the electric sector; the other, how to depth in the battery industry.

Both are very transformation, and the traditional car companies are new topics. The former requires cutting and transforming traditional business while increasing the transfer of human resources and reorganizing the supply chain through the product. The latter requires the public to be a supplier for half a supplier. This is actually violates the trend of flattributive procurement in the past main machine factory. No way, the new era is coming. The content of the Volkswagen “Battery Day” involves the latter.

Ensure the supply of spells

Tesla’s leadings is in Tesla on battery technology and battery capacity depth participation. All first-line host plants are learning this. General with LG, Ford and SKI, the public did more thoroughly, directly enter the shareholders of China University. But for ensuring future production capacity, it is still not enough.

The important market of the public is Europe and China, and the US situation is improved, regarded as the potential market. The attention point of the Volkswagen Battery Day is how to ensure the supply of the European market. By 2030, the six battery factories (fifth, sixth seats have not shaded), 240GWH capacity, is to ensure that the public is stable in the status of the public.

This contains a little strategic counterattack idea. Because 90GWH battery capacity will be used to output. Considering that the battery monomer is best to supply, then the surrounding market is a strategic volk. For forward new production can be placed in Eastern Europe, it may be this. Of course, the Russian and Turkey’s economic situation is unclear, and the public’s plan is not necessary. Moreover, these intentions must be implemented in succession of CEOs. Des is just outline draft. But after the hunting, you can win the reputation of “founders”.

Of course, we hope to build these factories with “reliable” partners, which is the same as Tesla’s practices. The main plant intervene battery is just to ensure the supply and technical direction, rather than Yue Yiyi personally getting battery production. The latter contains huge opportunity risks, and any host factory does not want to bear alone, that is, the threat of battery technology replacement and investment in production lines.

The production line can be transformed, but it also wants money. Moreover, if the technical route is too large, the transformation has lost its value.

Supply chain reincarnation

The next question is to cooperate with Europe and who? In a short term, it may be Ningde Times, LG Energy Solution (split from LG chemistry last year), Northvolt. Under the leadership of Brussels, governments and European first-two-line main plants invest in Northvolt. It is obvious that the intentions of the Asian batteries producers can be relied alone, and the public is no exception.

However, suppliers such as Bosch and mainland reflect this reaction. The mainland group has just left the front CEO Decan Thart that Germany is not worth participating (battery production). The leadership of Asia’s large-scale manufacturers have been determined that the gap between the two sides can’t make up. In the advantages of goodness, production scale, reflecting costs, which are engineering advantages. In contrast, the process disadvantages of European suppliers and host plants (the configuration of the modules and battery packs) should be much smaller. The public needs to rise until the chasing is the former.

But now the problem is that Northvolt is still incubating, and there is no battery. The gap with Asian competitors is at least 3 years. If the public is still in Europe, the public is still in the cooperation of the domain supplier. The public can still maintain the electric car strategy, which is not going to sleep. At the end of the root, participate in battery production in the way of stock + joint venture, and compare the host factory to rest assured.

In the era of electric vehicle, the supplier is bound to the main plant depth, which is equivalent to the entire car industry turns back again.

Infrastructure is going to live

Although named “Battery Day”, the public has also gave a lot of space on charging facility planning. Volkswagen announced in its joint venture CAMS, this year, 500 charger, 6,000 charging piles, covering 8 major cities across the country in China, to 2025 charge piles, charging power from 120KW to 300kW, coverage Most cities.

It seems that the scale is not very large, it is equivalent to Tesla’s “home” in China. As of this year, Tesla deployed 700 super charging stations in China, with more than 5,700 charging piles. The gap between the two sides is about 1 year.

However, the deployment of the charging station must cooperate with the country network. The cooperation between the mass and China grid can be traced back to 2013, the public has more than 30 years in China, the government relationship, the basic operator relationship, Tesla is a brother. Tesla signed an approximately four years, which was introduced with special mission and historical opportunities, but the honeymoon with regulators was surprisingly short. It can be expected that the mass should be more winning on the rapid construction speed.

The public may have a superior point, rushing to Tesla over the infrastructure before the 2025 million electric vehicle planning. This is an asymmetrical approach to fulfilling a traditional advantage, because the infrastructure is an investment in the cash flow, and then one is the relationship between the caulk. Two of Tesla is just weaker than the public.

The public “battery day”, on the one hand, reflects the decision of the strategy; on the other hand, there is also a “Dynasty”. Because I still have to grasp the battery supply chain in my hand, the public does not have enough. It seems that there is no other way outside of Dice. This is a better color of “Battery Day”. Unfortunately, such a wonderful inner play is mostly over the surface.

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