Since the electric vehicle is popular, the battery life has always been very martial arts, and many people are concerned about the battery life, no matter how far the single battery life is, the charging speed has always been the biggest problem of the development of electric vehicles. After all, it is more difficult to accept it for more than half an hour. It is a bit unacceptable than a few minutes of refueling.

So in response to the consumer’s fast-enabling demand for electric vehicles, it will take the lead in laying a power-on-electric power plant. Consumers are peeled out when they buy the car, and the cost of the electric shock is paid, so that Come to consumers, don’t have to exchange other people’s old batteries, everyone shared, no electricity.

This model is not the first place. As early as 2013, Tesla will conduct a trial operation in some parts of the United States in the United States, but the local consumers do not recognize this model, many owners Indicates that the manufacturer will change the old battery to his own new car, which is very uncomfortable. With the development of the propellable business in China, Tesla seems to have an intention to turn on the power transmission business. Some people inquiry in the UNITED, Tesla (Shanghai) has added “new energy vehicle power-saving facilities sales” business in their own business, but Tesla is not waiting for further fermentation, just on the Internet After the similar rumors came out, Tesla immediately responded, saying that they would not do a power-exchange business.

In fact, let’s look back, call electricity and charging, these two models are very good? In essence, both in order to supplement energy for electric vehicles. The V3 super charging pile launched by Tesla can charge the vehicle to a 250-kilometer battery life within 15 minutes. The second-generation power-saving station single station that is the second-generation power saving station that is the company’s group can accommodate up to 18 batteries to meet the electric power exchange needs of 18 owners. Effectiveness of the super fast charge technology.

But there are also many people express their suspicions for power-saving technologies. Some people believe that after the exchange of electricity, the safety of the vehicle cannot be guaranteed. After all, the front owner uses the battery correctly, and does not damage the battery. This is not guaranteed. At the same time, there is also a data display, a mature power-saving station, its construction cost is equivalent to a 4S shop, so high cost is destined to have a large scale.

From the perspective of efficiency, the efficiency of the power-saving technology is far more than Tesla’s super fast charge technology, and even more than some gas stations do not make more. However, the road to change technology is still very long, and there are many problems to be solved, they are needed to think.

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