We all know that the positioning of the car determines its market audience, and some positioning is because of too small, many car companies will not choose the cooler audience. However, there is no need for the cold door. This is not, Roewe has launched a pure electric traveler according to the consumer of the trolley – the new Roewe EI5, let us take a look.

Its whole-faceted face is very high, but the three-dimensional feelings are also very strong, and the sharp headlights on both sides have been connected with a black trim, and the width of the body is visually pulled, allowing the overall front of the head to see It is wider and flat, and the front face of the closed intake grille is also divided into layers. And the entire face is very strong, the front face has a very dynamic “X” shape in the Chinese network, and the whole is still very powerful, the fast charge socket is in the middle of the bumper, but It didn’t hide this port, and a thin line was compared to the trapezoidal shape and broke the unity of the front face. The bottom of the trapezoid is surrounded by the weight of the front face, so that the color of the whole face will not be too light, it is still very powerful.

The shape of the side of the side seems to be very burly, the front and short body design makes it a feeling of a trolley, but it is relatively small. The overall thickness of the side is very strong, and the whole is still very sufficient, coupled with a very conspicuous waist line and two-color double five, but also have a sharp-black-proof hub sharp line, this car The overall line is still very rich, there is no special round of style, still has a mechanical feeling.

The entire shape of the car is rounded relative to the head and the body, the shape of the taillight is not too sharp, or the feeling of slightly sliding, the middle is also a silver trim, plus the triangle black trim panel with the head echo Design, let the entire car tail feel more balanced in terms of stereoscisiveness and level.

The overall interior is a very simple style, whether it is color or a whole layout design, it is a very easy way. The 10.25-inch large-sized suspended screen on the center console, 12.3-inch combined liquid crystal virtual instrument, is it a sense of technology, and its steering wheel, three steering wheel shoulders, a very good leather package, knob The type of shifting mechanism is also a simple designed, which can make your driving feel can be said to be excellent.

In terms of power, the new Roewe EI5 has no specific parameters, but according to the old models, it is likely to carry 135KW electric motor, and the battery will remain in the old model 501km or may have more battery life, let us come together to look forward to it. !

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