Lithium iron phosphate continuously captures the city of the ternary battery.

In 2019, the amount of lithium iron phosphate battery accounted for 32%; 2020 was raised to 35%; two months ago, it has reached 38.6%. Many people predict that the amount of lithium-loaded car in this year is likely to be half.

Three-dollar batteries are helmet, one of the core reasons is safety doubts.

At this time, Guangqi Yan released the safety technology of the magazine battery system, declared the world: the three-dimensional lithium battery full package can not hurt the fire.

Guangzhou Automobile Egyan Ball Battery System Anatomical Diagram

On March 10th, Guangqi Yan held a line conference. The test results show that the three-dimensional lithium (bulk battery) of Guangqi Yan has only a short smoke (1 minute), no fire And explosions.

Based on security challenges to do battery packs, security can do such levels, marking the magazine battery of Guangqi Ean, in the system security of electric car battery pack, and walks to the forefront of the industry.

The magazine battery system security technology can also support other batteries other than the ternary battery, such as lithium iron phosphate, and even ultra-fast charging stallienyl batteries, silicon negative batteries, etc., realizing far super existing horizontal batteries. Package system security.

Electric car consumers can purchase electric cars more securely.


Three-yuan battery pack needle can’t afford fire

It is the most impressive that the industry is impressive. It should be the battery needle test of BYD and Ningde era last year.

However, the electrical needle thorn test is actually not a test of mandatory requirements. In the national standard GB 38031-2020 “Electric Vehicle Power Battery Safety Requirements” has been canceled with the acupuncture test of the monomer cell.

The main purpose of the State Administration is to improve the safety of the battery to system level.

Therefore, national standards have no relaxation of the battery system, and the needle test is still in the battery pack thermal diffusion test, one of the two triggers, and the other is heating.

“The safety requirements of electric vehicle power storage battery” “clearly, 5 minutes before the battery heat is out of control, the vehicle should send alarm signal. In other words, after the battery pack is complete, it is safe, and the thermal diffusion must be controlled, at least 5 minutes.

Source: National Mandatory Standard GB 38031-2020

Guangqi Yan is not satisfied with national standard requirements, I hope to continue to increase the safety of the ternary battery pack, reaching the single heat loss of control and the battery pack does not afford the fire.

The acupuncture experiment of the battery is reflected in the safety of the battery monomer, but the monomer is tightly wrapped in the battery pack, which is set as a component of the battery system as a whole vehicle. In practical applications, the battery pack is a medium that directly contacts the outside world. That is to say, the acupuncture experiment of the battery system is more in line with the situation in the actual life scene, and it is also more referring to consumers.

In order to verify the technical safety of the magazine, GAC ENA in the third-party institution-China Automotive Technology Research Center, the three-dimensional thermal diffusion test of the three-dimensional lithium battery equipped with the safety technology of the magazine battery system.

In the test conditions, Guangzhou Automobile Eman chooses to accept the most stringent conditions – 8mm steel needle, full power to test.

Guangzhou Automobile Egypto Battery Acupuncture Test Conditions

The test results show that the three-dimensional (magazine battery) of GAC ENA (Battery) After 5 minutes of heat accident signal during the test, there is only a short smoke (1 minute), no fire and explosion. After standing for 48 hours, the voltage drops to 0V and the temperature is restored to room temperature. After the acupuncture, only the pierced core module is completely out of control, and there is no spread to other cells. Open the battery pack and observe the internal structure intact.

In other words, Guangqi Yan’s magazine battery not only has been over 5 minutes, but also has not been fired and explosion.

Trimed battery pack acupuncture test results with magazine battery technology

The three-yuan battery pack is so performance in the thermal disinforcement test, it can be said that we are the best in our vision. After all, the three-dollar battery is extremely high in active material, high power supply, and heat loss, it is necessary to completely control, and it is extremely difficult. Therefore, the three-yuan battery pack is in thermal displacement test, the national standard is only required to be 5 minutes without a fire, and the industry has done better, that is, half an hour. If you have never been fired, the Guangzhou Automobile Elean Bounte Bad Battery Bag should be the first.


Security energy for various types of cells

China Automotive Technology Research Center, not only testing the magazine battery of GAC Eman with a three-yuan battery, but also tests on a magazine battery equipped with lithium iron phosphate.

The test results are more excellent.

The lithium iron phosphate battery system using the magazine battery technology, does not smoke in the acupuncture experiment, and the maximum temperature is only 51.1 ° C. After standing for 48 hours, the monomer voltage drop is 0, and the temperature is also lowered to room temperature, and there is no security threat.

Three sets of battery pack acupuncture test results

This test of the central air center is also compared with the normal battery pack test results of lithium iron phosphate. The results show that the safety of the magazine battery pack system is greatly improved, even with the three-yuan battery pack compare the lithium iron battery pack, the smoking is short.

Three sets of battery pack acupuncture

The test results are visible, the tank battery pack, no matter the lithium iron core, or the ternary battery, it can significantly improve safety. Moreover, from the principle, for the graphene super fast charging battery, the ultra-long battery-long battery, which can explore after Guangqi Ean and other enterprises, can also significantly improve their system security performance. What is the principle?

In addition to improving the safety of the battery self, the magazine battery system reflects the idea of ​​system-level security.

First, the single thermal out of control is to be controlled without igniting the degree of peripheral cell, so it is necessary to heat insulation.

The magazine battery packs in the insulation, using a mesh nanoporous heat insulating material, high temperature upper housing to construct a safety cabin, such as a golden clock, a thermostable battery “cover”, not to spread .

This material is a soft nanomaterial of a mesh nanoporous heat insulating material-silica group. The material clearance is approximately 20 nm. The air does not flow in this gap, and the heat will not be conducted to the outside.

Second, the heat released by the thermal out-of-control monomer is needed to take away, so the speed cooling system is required to cool down.

The magazine battery pack is a full-bonding liquid cooling system, a high-speed heat dissipation channel, a high precision thermal path design, achieving 40% of the heat dissipation area, and heat dissipation efficiency by 30%. After the thermal out of control is found, the magazine battery system can immediately start the battery speed cooling system to cool the battery.

Third, the premise of speed cooling is that the speed is well known. The magazine battery pack adopts a fifth-generation battery management system that is controlled by the system. By adopting the latest generation of car grade battery monitoring chips, 10 free-hour data acquisition, 24-hour full-time patrol model can be realized. When an abnormality is found, the abnormal self-help immediately, start the battery speed cooling system to cool the battery.

According to Li Wei, Vice President of Guangqi Research Institute, Guangqi Yan signal acquisition is 100 times the previous generation technology, which is conducive to discovering danger faster, and takes measures.

From the three principles from the tunnel battery pack, it is related to the material of the battery, the assembly process, is not directly associated, so the electrical core of various material systems and assembly processes is supported.

Under the protection of the “magazine”, no matter which cell is assembled into the electric car battery pack of GAC EA, it will exceed 5 minutes of the national standard for 5 minutes, no explosion requirements.


Improve density, reduce cost

Will it sacrifice energy density and cost?

Guangqi Yan introduces that the magazine battery is optimized in the cooling system, the battery design, the whole package layout. Battery pack with a magazine battery system security technology, its energy density is increased by 9.4% relative to the same common battery pack volume energy density, and the weight energy density is increased by 5.7%, and the cost is 10%.

This may make the industry people don’t solve, how can we be two suit?

We analyze, first of all, the effect of laminated battery is high, and the system integration is higher.

The system energy density of Guangqi Yan’s past model is high, and there are very few models that can reach 180Wh / kg in the market.

Guangqi Ean’s magazine battery performance is increased by a step-magazine battery system energy density reaches 185Wh / kg.

Many people have not noticed that the cells of the magazine battery of GAC ENA uses a laminated process.

In general, the laminated battery relative to the winding battery, the energy density increases by 5%, and the cycle life is increased by 10%, and the cost is reduced by 5%, and safer.

Contrast winding process and lamination process

Guangzhou Automobile Eman’s hard-shell laminated process, internal space utilization rate, resulting in increased battery energy density, while avoiding the durability of the winding process, the durable insulation of the aluminum plastic film, while decrease The internal resistance of the battery improves the safety performance of the battery.

Second, the energy density of the magazine system is then increased, mainly because of its integration, such as the independent liquid cooler simplified.

How to achieve cost reduction?

Guangqi Yan did not disclose more details. But we analyze and have two major possibilities.

First, it is the technique of technology. The windings mentioned earlier, so that the battery core factory can make more power-to-electric batches. The system integration is improved, and the material cost of the battery pack can also be reduced.

Second, it is a scale. Guangqi Yan’s 2020 sales of electric vehicles 60,033, which can give the power battery factory to the top four large-scale orders in the industry. Moreover, Guangqi Egyan’s future sales will rise, and the battery factory is also willing to change the scale.

At present, one of the main obstacles that hinder electric vehicles promotion is that the initial purchase price is too high, and the reason is that the power battery is high. The 10% cost reduction of the magazine battery is lowered, but it is also a solid step in the promotion of electric cars.


More possibilities after the “magazine”

Electric cars should replace the fuel truck, becoming the preferred choice for the people, the current primary task is to enhance the experience. The current core short board is two items: the battery life and the speed.

In terms of battery life, now many vehicles have made NEDC 600 kilometers of battery life, but if considering the car attenuation in the winter, the heating is attenuated, and the endless mileage is still insufficient. In the winter performance and heat consumption, there is no solution to the absolute power, and it is also a solution. Although car companies can also install iron iron phosphate cells. However, it is more advantageous than ternary batteries than energy and winter attenuation. On the basis of existing ternary batteries, some companies continue to increase nickel in the positive electrode, from 5 to 6 Series, and then to 8 Series or 9 Series. However, due to the safety hazard of 811 batteries, many people stop 6 lines.

In terms of negative poles, many companies start using the silicon-level negative electrode. The reason for choosing silicon is because the theoretical gram of silicon-based negative electrode material is 4200 mAh / g, which is 10 times the graphite negative electrode. With the current level, it is essential to do 300Wh / kg, and the negative silicon base is indispensable.

In terms of complementing speed, many car companies turn their attention to high-power charging, so there is a battery with better charging magnification.

In this regard, the mainstream thinking of the industry is modified on the surface of the negative electrode material, establishing a lithium ion quickly enters the negative channel to achieve the efficiency of fast charge.

In both, Guangqi Ean disclosed solutions, respectively, long miles of silicon negative batteries and graphel batteries, respectively.

However, accompanied by long mileage and high-power charging, it is a bigger challenge. Guangqi Yan’s magazine battery, the effect of the system security level, not only in the moment, the optimal solution of performance, safety, and cost balance, but also the application of new batteries of different materials, different performance, but also for electric vehicles It laid a safe foundation. This also proposes a new, easy-to-quantity, low cost, versatility solution to the industry. It is bound to accelerate industry power battery safety development!

As a result, we can expect that electric vehicles will have higher performance and bring a better experience.


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