Domestic information:

Tesla China Industrial and Commercial Change Cancel Change Conversible Facilities Sales

On March 9, Tesla China’s operational subject Tesla (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has a business and business change, and the scope of business is reduced, “New Energy Automotive Electricity Sales”, “Battery Sales”, “Sales of PV Equipment and Components” Wait.

It is worth noting that the sky-eyed change record shows that on February 26th, Tesla (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has added “new energy automobile power exchange facilities sales”, “centralized fast charging station”, “battery sales”, etc. . According to Beijing Business Daily, there have been new projects such as “new energy automotive exchange facilities sales”. This means that Tesla has been eligible for its own model for self-containers in the Chinese market, or sells new energy vehicles to other third-party institutions. However, Tesla’s person in charge said that Tesla would not do power.

Modern luxury brand Jieji is about to land in China Headquarters

Recently, the modern flag of luxury car brands, announced that it is about to officially log in to the Chinese market and will host a series of brands and product issuance activities. Officially said “I look forward to seeing you in Shanghai”, it should refer to the Shanghai Auto Show held in April. According to interface news reports, Jiegis Sisse will open the first flagship exhibition hall in Shanghai this year, and set up China Headquarters.

Markus Henne, Ni Nie, said: “At the China International Import Expo last year, Jieji showed the brand and the global product lineup for Chinese media and consumers, kicked off the sequence of China. This year We are about to take the first step in the journey in China. “He said that China is the world’s largest auto market, and it will also play a crucial role in Genis’s global development strategy.

February new energy sales list announced the macro Miniev force Tesla Model 3 won the crown

Recently, the multiplier announced new energy sales in February 2021. Data show that the new energy narrow passenger car sales reached 97,000 in February, and the year-on-year growth in February has reached 675.0%, and it fell by 37.9% from the previous month. Among them, Hongguang Miniev won the sales crown with 17,307 results, and sales exceeded Tesra Model 3,3600; And Tesla Model 3 sold 13688 new cars in February, compared to the same period 564.1 %. In addition, as a representative of the new forces, ideal One and Wei Si ES6 have achieved good results, and sales have broken by 2,000.

蔚 来, Xiaopeng and Ideal Plan listed in Hong Kong this year

According to foreign media reports, the three-person familiar people said that the new China Electric Vehicles I have been listed in the United States, the new forces, which is the first to be listed in Hong Kong this year. Three car companies have planned to sell at least 5% of the expansion shares, according to their market value in New York on March 8, the total amount of funds listed in Hong Kong is around $ 5 billion.

One of the people’s insiders revealed that these three car companies hoped to use Asian potential investors to grow up, they have been working with consultants, and the earliest may be listed in Hong Kong this year. Ideally, it will refuse to review.

Xiaopeng Automobile 2020 Financial Report: Delivered in the fourth quarter to break 10,000, the year, gross profit for the first time

Before March 8, the US stock market, Xiaopeng car announced the fourth quarter of the 2020 fiscal year and 2020 fiscal financial data as of December 31, 2020.

Data show that the total revenue of Xiaopeng Automobile in the fourth quarter of 2020 is RMB 2.851 billion ($ 437 million), an increase of 345.5% over the same period in 2019, which increases from 1990 billion yuan in the third quarter of 2020. 43.3%.

The entire 2020 fiscal year, Xiaopeng has a total of RMB 5.844 billion ($ 896 million), an increase of 151.8% from RMB 232.1 billion in 2019. In terms of gross profit margin, Xiaopeng Automobile 2020 fiscal year gross profit margin is 4.6%, the first year’s gross profit is turned forward, and it has risen by 28.6% from the previous year. The last year is -24.0%. Among them, the gross profit margin of automobile sales is 3.5%, and the last fischer is -25.9%.

Foreign information:

Tesla Model 3, Model S, USA, the most expensive model, price increase, 10,000 US dollars

According to foreign media Electrek, Tesla has adjusted the price of a variety of models in the US. Last month, Tesla had been adjusted by a variety of models, pulled out the price gap between the different series of electric vehicles, and trimmed it today.

Among them, the price of Model 3 standard battery upgraded version increased by $ 500, currently $ 3,7490 (approximately 244,000 yuan). Model 3 Long Four-wheel drive is reduced from $ 4,6990 to $ 500 and is currently $ 4,6492 (about 300,000 yuan). Model 3 high performance version is the same, still $ 55990. And Tesla’s most expensive model Model s Plaid +, the price was significantly increased by 10,000 US dollars, currently $ 14,999 (about 9.75 million yuan).

Volkswage Chai Tsela will hold “Battery Day” on March 9 next week, the CEO of the Volkswagen Group has issued the first March, respectively. Invitation of “Power Day” activity, Disresses on the social platform: “Please note: This is not a car show.” Hining the activity may involve the battery, “battery similar to Tesla last year) day”. Although there is no more information at present. But it is expected that Volkswagen may discuss the development of battery technology in electric vehicle lineup.

Tesla official acknowledgment: FSD is not automatic driving

According to foreign media reports, under the discontinuation of the relevant road traffic management departments of the United States, Tesla finally admit that FSD does not belong to the automatic driving system, but intelligent auxiliary driving system.

Recently, according to Tesla sent to the California Vehicle Authority (DMV), Tesla price 10,000 US dollars is not really “automatic driving”, but only the Auxiliary system of Level 2, even There is almost no difference in technology grading with past autopilot. Some people pointed out: “FSD Beta is still limited in identifying warning functions for items. For static objects, emergency vehicles, construction areas, more complex crossroads, etc., etc. cannot be identified.”

Aston Martin will push two pure electric vehicles in 2025

It is reported that Aston Martin will be manufactured from the UK in the United Kingdom in 2025, rather than our business partners in Germany, which produces a pure electric sports car in Gaydon, England factory. It produced a pure electric SUV in Wales San Asen (St Athan, Wales), the latter is also currently DBX production plant.

According to the plan, Aston Martin’s first pure electric vehicle will be found in 2025. By 2030, Aston Martin will have an electric motor, which will change DB11, Vantage and DBS into pure electric models. And plan to get into a pure electric vehicle. Mercedes-Benz currently has 20% of Aston Martin, so the chairman of Aston Martin, Strore, hopes that Mercedes-Mercedes-Benz can be provided for Aston Martin’s pure electric cart. Battery. However, Strore also admits that Aston Martin will also consider other batteries.

Fisker is developing a cheap electric vehicle with less than $ 30,000

It is reported that Fisker is developing a cheap electric vehicle with the help of Fisker, this upcoming electric car code is PEAR (Personal Electric Automotive Revolution, Personal Electronic Automotive Revolution, Personal Electric Automotive Revolution), and the price should be low without tax benefits $ 30,000.

Henrik Fisker, Chairman and CEO of Fisker: “We are quickly taking action, expanding the professional team with Foxconn in the Pear project.” Recently, Fisker issued additional information about the PEAR project on the twitks. In addition, FISKER said that using the US Federal Tax Countries, the cost of new electric vehicles will be less than $ 22,500. This price is almost worthy of $ 25,000 in Tesla.

US Geneuang Electric Vehicle CANOO Plan 2023 pushing podkika

On March 11th, the electric motor startup company CANOO has said that it will launch a US-made pod electric leather card in the United States in 2023, and want to divide a cup in the US most popular car segmentation. It is reported that the future is planned to produce this car in the US miniature factory in the future and is planned to be launched in the first quarter of 2023.

According to foreign media THEVERGE, Canoo from California Electric Automobile Entrepreneurship launched the first electric pickup, Canoo said that this electric pickup will begin to accept reservations later this year, but there is no specific pricing detail. According to reports, this start-up company is negotiating with other states to establish a “miniature factory”, producing such a car by a manufacturer.

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