Last night, Guangqi Yan sent a gift in the industry. They released a “new battery” – “Battery battery”, the official term is actually a technology – magazine battery system security technology, its biggest breakthrough It is the “industry to achieve three-yuan lithium battery whole package should not afford fire, and it is a recognized industry problem.”

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Of course, we care about: What is the impact of this technology after achieving needle thorn? Is there any performance? And increase cost?

This is the second surprise that the ball battery brings us. Guangqi Yan said that the battery pack of the maket battery system security technology is equipped with a substantial energy density by 9.4%, and the weight energy density is increased by 5.7%, and the cost is 10%.

In other words, the magazine battery is on the basis of no sacrificing life and improved costs, achieving high security, long-lasting, low cost … um, is it a perfect solution? As we follow the communication of senior people in the industry, Guangqi Yan This wave is really impeccable, and a thing that is very meaningful to promote the development of new energy industries.

1, what is a magazine battery?

Don’t ask for the name, the magazine battery is not a narrow battery we understand, but a system technology solution for controlling the thermal out of control of the three-dimensional lithium battery, and the battery pack is called the carton battery.

According to the official definition of Guangqi Ean, the magazine battery technology is a set of safety techniques that are safely improved from the battery cell, and the whole package is passively, and then a set of safety technologies to active safety prevention and control.

2, how to compare with the blade battery?

When the battery is out, netizens have discussed, this blade battery is embarrassed, who said that three yuan lithium can’t pass acupuncture test? Although the response of netizens is relatively straight, we still have to say one.

Like the blade battery, the name of the Guangzhou Automobile Egypton battery is also a marketing method, the purpose is to let everyone know this battery faster. In addition, the nomencutive reference reference reference reference reference is of appearance.

Some people say that the carton battery is uncomfortable, but I think it is very good, the ground is not good, but more importantly, everyone knows that the new battery of Guangqi Yan, the purpose of marketing.

Different, the blade battery is lithium iron phosphate with low density, and the magazine battery is a high density of ternary lithium. Considering the lithium iron phosphate and the innate safety, the same is the same by acupuncture experiments, so the trumpet three-dimensional lithium battery is more free.

3, the principle of the magazine battery does not afford fire

After finishing the fundamentals, let’s go deep into the technology.

To make the three-yuan lithium battery needle, it is not hot, not a fire, the truth is actually very simple, nothing more than high temperature electrical cells, strengthening the battery insulation, heat dissipation, and timely monitoring battery work, and produces The first time is isolated, heat dissipation, so as not to “殃 and bag”.

We look at the method of handling the ball battery, the principle is actually like that:

According to the description of Guangqi Ean, the magazine battery is by lifting the electrical core itself, the heat insulation between the cells, the heat dissipation performance of the battery, and the problem of monitoring the battery spontaneous warranty.

Specifically, the magazine battery uses the design of the magazine safety cabin, the spread of the thermal failure, the spread of the uncontrolled battery, when detected an abnormality such as a battery voltage or temperature, automatically starting the battery speed cooling system to cool down the battery.

In addition, the three-dimensional lithium battery system with “magazine battery” technology is equipped with a piercing, which is thermostable, and does not spread to other battery modules.

Therefore, after such a system-level technical process, the magazine battery has passed the acupuncture test. Of course, the truth is simple, it is not so simple, not only to do the stability of the car level, but also control the cost, but it is still very difficult, otherwise it is early.

4, what technology has been used to avoid thermal loss?

Understanding the working principle, and doing measures, it is actually comparable.

In addition to publishing a video of the acupuncture test in the SMA Center, the Guangzhou Automobile Ean also announced the four technologies that they used in generously, we can take a look.

First, ultra-high heat-resistant stable cells. In order to improve the high temperature resistance attribute of the ternary lithium battery, the magazine battery mainly has three major improvements, all of the material level, not structural, so some of the amounts of gold.

1. The electrical core can effectively improve thermal stability to prevent thermal out of control by the application of nanoscale coating and doping techniques of the positive electrode material.

2, the application of new additives for electrolyte achievement of SEI film self-repair, thereby improving battery cell life, reducing battery short circuit risk;

3, high safety electrolyte, by special electrolyte additives, when heated to 120 ° C or higher, a high-impedance characteristic polymer film is formed to form a high impedance characteristic polymer film, which greatly reduces thermal out-of-control reaction.

Guangqi Yan said, “The application of these key technologies has increased the heat resistance of the battery by 30%.”

Instead of informed, GAC ENA battles may be Ni55 batteries of China AV. At present, the Ni55 battery in Ningde is successful in the model of Wei, Geometry, and SAIC, so Ni55 battery is not very strange, but the Ni55 level of China Aviation Lithium, I have to look again.

Second, a super-insulating battery safety cabin.

Their technical means is to construct a super-insulating safety cabin by a mesh nanoporous heat insulating material and a high temperature resistant material, and the magazine battery is built, and finally the three-dimensional lithium battery heat is not spread to the adjacent electrical cell. At the same time, the housing on the battery pack is 1400 ° C above, thereby effectively protecting the battery pack. From the data released from the central auto center, when the magazine battery is pierced, the local maximum temperature can reach 686.7 ° C (there is also data to show 687.1 ° C), and the adjacent battery temperature is approximately 1/3.

Third, the speed cooling system is extremely cooling. After the local battery is thermally out of control, in order not to let the heat spread, it is not very important to make the battery due to thermal swearing explosions, timely cooling and thermal discharge is still very important.

Guangqi Yan said that through full liquid cooling system, high-speed heat dissipation channel, high-precision thermal path design, the magazine battery has enhanced heat dissipation area by 40%, and heat dissipation efficiency is 30%, effectively prevents thermal spread.

From the data released by the China Vehicle Center, the temperature rise has declined rapidly after the local thermal loss of control.

Fourth, the fifth-generation battery management system with full-time control.

By using the latest generation of battery management system chips by using the car grade, 10 rounds of total data acquisition per second can be achieved, 100 times compared to the previous generation system, and monitor the battery state to monitor the battery state. . When an abnormal is found, the battery speed cooling system is immediately started to cool down.

5. Look at the acupuncture test

In the face of this most demanding battery test, GAC ENA is obviously ready.

First, the test conditions of Guangqi Ean Choose are also the most stringent: 8mm steel needles (standard 3-8) and 100% SOC (standard 90% or more).

The clustering the steel needle, the more serious the internal short circuit, the larger the heat generated in an instant; the more the battery power is, the higher the energy, the greater the damage generated by the heat loss.

In terms of temperature rise, the local maximum temperature can reach 686.7 ° C (there are also data showing 687.1 ° C), and the adjacent battery temperature is approximately 1/3, then the rapid decline is lowered, and the specific timeline is not seen from the chart.

From another chart, we have a matter of approach, and the stab temperature is lowered from the highest to zero. It takes about a total of 10,000 seconds (166 minutes), down to 100 degrees, spent about 1/3, that is, 55 minute.

As for the voltage of the stab, it is instant to fall from 4 o’clock to 0V, which is completely short. Guangqi Eman also announced the time: 48 hours.

The above is this acupuncture test is a few core data. From the results, the battery pack has nothing to fire from the beginning, so it must be successful, this is the first quantity of three yuan lithium battery pack through acupuncture test, It is said that there is a certain era.

6, the editor has something to say

The so-called parallelism is lively, and the line will look at the doorway. As we follow the communication of some people from the senior battery industry, you first pass the acupuncture test of Guangqi Yan Sanyuan lithium batteries. After all, it is a breakthrough in the industry, but everyone also expressed doubts: so much insulation measures How is the cost pressure?

Because, let the three-yuan lithium battery through the acupuncture test are not difficult. Everyone does not do, one is forced to cost, and the other is there is not much practical necessity.

From the data released from Guangqi Eman, the cost of the cartoon battery has dropped 10%, and the surface looks very good, but there is no announcement of the comparison of the reference matter, is the most expensive 811 battery, or the cheapest lithium iron phosphate? ? From the current application situation of Guangqi Yan, some people guess are 811 batteries …

Of course, since it fell another year, it is definitely a direct benefit to GAC Ean, so this is still a sustainability. According to Guangqi Yan’s statement, the magazine battery will be applied in Aion this year.

From the whole industry, after ten years of rationality and rational madness, the battery technology today has already made significant progress.

However, there are still dozens, hundreds of electric vehicles have spontaneous combustion and other accidents, although the proportion of new energy vehicles is not higher than the oil truck, but the self-ignition problem of tram is now affecting the public. This requires all manufacturers to further make techniques and more rigorous.

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