Wuli Miniev February sales of 17,307, then why is it so God? Through analysis of Wuli Miniev customer group, the female owner exceeds 60%, 90 users reach 72%, many people are as a kind of stepwise tool, while because the price is more attractive, the battery life can fully meet the daily activities of users and get on get off work, penetration At the same time, it is also convenient to charge, then what is the user’s truly?

In 2005, when we got married, we won the motorcycle as a dowry. At that time, a Yamaha motorcycle. At that time, the price was also more than 5,000 yuan, and it was a major travel tool for a long time, but the annual travel cost is also A high fees. When the electric vehicle appears, it is changed to the electric car, and the motorcycle is placed at home, and even sells very low prices. Why is this? Will you consider the depreciation problem when you purchase an electric car?

In my opinion, buy electric vehicles, because it is convenient to charge at home, there is a charging jack, which greatly reduces the cost of travel. And there has never been an anxiety, because these people’s travel habits are 5 km in the square, and they will be 10 kilometers, because travel is relatively close, so it is also used to three-4 days. But they also have some anxiety, that is, battery life, battery life will be attenuated when driving 2-3 years, it takes 1 day to charge, but people have learned that this is the normal recession of the battery, as long as you charge The replacement of the power battery is OK, there is no need to block the door, complaints and other rights protection behavior.

Wuli Miniev model official guidance is between 2.88-388,000, similar to a motorcycle of a motorcycle in 2005, but its function is far more than the function of the motorcycle, and its price has captured the user’s heart, and uses his own half year The wage bought the first car belonging to his own, how surprises in the heart.

So is the life-fire mileage? The first is that the user is not a car is a big toy. Regardless of whether it consumes electricity, it will charge the mobile phone as a mobile phone, protect your daily travel, there is a charging line is enough, and if there is an emergency, you can use charging Piles, there will hardly have charging anxiety and endurance anxiety. Even if the true form is not electricity on the road, the insurance company will provide trailer service for free, so battery life is not a problem.

Regarding the problem of car depreciation, it is not very concerned, it has completed the mission, the fuel car ran 50,000 kilometers to fuel the money, can buy a Wuli Miniev, the cost is indeed too low, even if you change your car After that, I think they may have been parked at home as a big toy.

In fact, Wuling Miniev users care is the memory of youth, this big toy is a bit drip.

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