Since the emergence of electric vehicles, the energy supply of electric vehicles has been a problem that cannot be properly resolved. Many manufacturers hoped to slow down this contradiction by expanding the single endless mileage, but during the actual use of the owner, in addition to the home of the private charging pile, the vehicle charging of other users is always a problem.

Then there will be the fact that the manufacturer has undergone the way to change the battery, with an example of awareness, and is committed to promoting the national power exchange business many years ago. After years of operation, there have been hundreds of shift stations nationwide. Many owners also realized the convenience of this technology to bring them. The prevailing success of the awareness has also let many companies have seen the outgoing circuit of the exchange, and many manufacturers are also intended to follow the immandate business, and Tesla is one of them.

However, some people have found that although Tesla China has changed in the business scope of the business website, it has increased projects such as electricity exchange, battery sales, but in the actual environment, Tesla is still launching a new business. . Many people guess Tesla may be just in order to sell some components necessary for power transmission, they don’t intend to launch the power-on business. However, Mask, president of the group, has repeatedly expressed in public, and the power-saving technology is a more scientific complementary way. Tesla will vigorously invest in this area in order for users to bring better services.

Although the family is so stateable, Tesla is replaced by this business seems to have changed. At March 9, some people found that Tesla China’s business scope has changed again, and the “New Energy Automotive Electricity Sales”, “Battery Sales”, “Photovoltaic Equipment and Components mentioned before. Sales “three projects. In just do ten days, Tesla China changed several business scope, then what happened?

In fact, although the group is very optimistic about the exchange business, China and the United States have different national conditions. In 2015, Tielan launched a commissioned power-saving station in California, USA, but the participants were very few, and the owners showed that the exchange business “stupid and inefficient”, which is more willing to use their original car battery. Therefore, Tesla has to give up the power-on business.

So why? What happened in China? Tesla is so repeated, does not rule out that Tesla is a test of the outside world, and hopes to see the view and reaction of the external technology for Tesla shift through business changes in business. However, from the perspective, Tesla will still cause many people concerned in China.

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