If your community is only public parking space, you will be a big problem.

Even if the property is good for you, others don’t do it: An An on the charging pile, it is hard to do this is your private parking space?

So what should I do?

Most properties may be too lazy to be pushed.

If the property wants to do things, only a few ways:

1. Introduce the charging carrier. The problem is that one is expensive, the second is that the quality of operation is difficult to ensure that the pile is broken, and there is no need to be repaired in time.

2. The property is built in the community in the community. It is estimated that electricity bills will not be cheap, and the quality of operation is also difficult.

3. Lead by the new energy owner in the community, the industry committee built the public charging pile in the community.

Recently, an escaped ES8 owner uses a third way, and promotes a few charging piles in the community.

This morning, Vice President, Vice President, Shen Fei, also praised this model on Weibo:

“Electric Vehicle User Alliance” also believes that this model is very good, it is worth promoting, so I deliberately released this article to recommend it.

This article is divided into two parts:

The first part is a post released by this ES8 owner in the APP. He introduced his experience in detail;

The second part is “Electric Vehicle Association” for his interview, he focuses on how to drive away the experience of the property.


Postal original:

According to TV stations, the next block is coming to find the charging pile.

Hello everyone, I am an ES8 founding version of the ES8 diving in the community. Yesterday, I just accepted the interview with [Shenzhen’s first live column] as an electric car (蔚)) owner. What is it to visit me? Things are like this:

In our community gallery, there are 4 pre-charging piles to serve the 4th Azure owners and 14 other new energy brand owners who serve the community. These charging piles are to enable the owner’s fund to buy, can be said to be ” The first demonstration of community owners sharing charging.

I heard this case in the community, the TV station found me in the first time. That is very interesting, the TV station then went to the next door community, and the partition industry committee heard our case, and wanted to follow me, immediately contacted me, put forward the way to install it!

I am encouraged, I want to borrow this opportunity, share the process and experience of building the pile.

Change the property, build a new pile

It is located in Shenzhen, and a house is tens of millions. It takes two generations to work hard. Who doesn’t want to have a good community service environment?

For the initiative and consensus, as the representative of the community industry committee, the owner’s joint investment, Qi Xin Qiqi “to drive away”, there is a more service, replacing a new product with more service, with high complement . This is a big premise for us to strive for better community services.

There are third-party charging piles before the community, but the maintenance efficiency has been low, and the experience is not humanized. After changing the property, we will take it off. However, there is more and more new energy cars, and there is a need for the presence of the rechargeable pile of the community. It is recommended to make a refurbishment of it. , To force, establish a exclusive service group, provide a charging pile-oriented service, thank you @ 儒 深 电能, @ 深圳 专属 张力, @ 逸 ‘s fast response.

Available exclusive service group

Convince the oil owners, share benefits

Some people will ask, charging piles are investing in the business committee, while the funds of the Commercial Committee are paid by all owners, how can the fuel car owner agree to this decision? In fact, it is to solve the problem of consensus.

First, we don’t emphasize the opposition of the oil car and tram, because everyone is a part of the community.

Secondly, I as a representative of the bureaucratic Committee introduced the benefits of introducing a propagander charging pile:

1. Revenue of the income of the charging pile removes the expenditure of the electricity bill, the resulting service fee will summarize the owner’s fund and become a total property of all owners. (At present, the daily usage rate of charging piles can reach more than 80%, and its steady increase is a foreseeable result)

2. Shenzhen limit policy is getting stricter, and everyone will have new energy vehicles in the future.

3. As a mature community, a perfect supporting service facility is required, and the superficial charging pile products are excellent from design to experience.

The facts of the facts are reasonable, and everyone’s recognition is also water to the stream.

Solve the occupancy of the oil car, the tram owner uses love to generate electricity

How to solve the oil occupancy and daily maintenance?

Our community has limited parking spaces, and the phenomenon of oil occupation is more common. At this time, there is a need for the new energy owner’s “hug to warm, and use love.”

Our approach is that other new energy owners in the union are established a WeChat group. The prior car owners will make a charging time in the group. If there is a owner to return to the community, he will help other owners to place. After a month of operations and property coordination, the phenomenon of oil car occupation is improved. Everyone has also formed a parking habit of “oil-oil oil level, tram potential”.

Light map, benefit more owners

As a “electric building” owner, I will take the lead in tossing this matter?

First share two small things, this is to build a charging pile group in the future:

When the director of the Industry Committee came to tell me, “After the charging pile is installed, the owner of the charging demand in the community has never found her.”

Another time, there is a rider who is usually made in the group. After coming back, I found that the charging pile can be used. It doesn’t have any difficulty. You can use it directly to scan the code. After charging electricity outside every day, save a lot of waiting time. “This is a few moments I tossed this.”

Tesla charging piles cannot be external, but we can

“It is better to teach it to fish.” I hope I can verify myself, good experience sharing to everyone, actually helping the neighbors of the neighbors, “owners create” a good living environment, for everyone It is also for yourself.

At the same time, as a driving mileage accumulated 10W + old 8 car owners, watching the original “sporadic” to the electric map of the “sparestock”, and then the national charging network now “It is said that this year will be more quickly expanded. Exchange layout), there is no feeling: it is really easy to do in a step by step to make the user’s commitment – make the power-on be more convenient.

On this map, I also have a corner that is bright as a propelion!

I hope such a “owner to create, share charging” mode, you can bring inspiration to more users. When faced similar issues and rights damage, you should bravely try to try.

Welcome everyone to communicate together.


How do we replace the old property?

The process of replacing the old property is especially not easy, because it has been waiting for their contractual expiration.

This involves the problem of historical legacy, saying that Our old matter is equal to the development of the developer, they signed two five-year contract. 2020 contract expires, but they are not willing to go, I still want to renew.

Because the property itself is a very fertilized beauty, plus the developer’s own property, and there is still something wrong below, it must not go.

But in the end, we still follow the normal process, the opening of the owner, and “dismisters”.

Speaking of this matter, it is not a community that can effect the imitation, it has several prerequisites:

First, the community must have its own committee, which is a legally effective institution.

Second, members of the industry committee also have to have a few prestige to get people trust from other owners. This will give you the approval of the matter whether you do things.

Third, all the owners ‘property fees are directly delivered to the owners’ meeting, then transferred to the property company by the owner conference, which is the most reasonable way, and the method of the card property.

If all the owners’ property management fees are given to the property company, then they sometimes may not have the owner to live.

Fourth, all the parking spaces are all owners, and it is a public parking space, not a fixed parking space.

There is no property rights in the parking space, all relevant legal provisions and civil law are all said, and the parking space is owned by all the people.

However, the actual situation is also dependent on the purchase contract, some communities are property rights parking spaces.

Property is very important. This situation like our community, all underground parking lots, all things produced by the parking lot are all owners.

But in real life, some owners don’t know. Examples of the building advertising, the building advertising bits are also in the community public resources, and all owners are owned, the resulting gains are owners. Even if property rights are developers, property companies are also developers, and the property companies have no right to take the parking space to make money.

Therefore, I understand this, and then maintain my legitimate rights and interests, I can push them later.

In addition, during the replacement process, there must be a person who specializes in this industry very well-appointed. This person is critical, because TA is very understanding, what is the situation in the end.

But what I said can only be used as a reference, because the situation in each community is different, and the bigger the community is getting better, the small community is basically aware of people, it is easy to unite.

(This article is over)

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