In recent years, new energy vehicles have apparently become the fragrant 饽 in the automotive market, promoting energy-saving and environmental protection from early globally, after the domestic first subsidies, derived a lot of new energy car companies, mostly producing mini cars Mainly, under high subsidies, this model is extremely less than 34,000 pure electric vehicles. With the decline in subsidies, the wind in the new energy market is returned to the right, and the rise of Tesla, which is the rise of Tesla, which is also pushing a climax of the new energy auto market.

After Teresla, many Internet companies in China began cross-border, mainly targeting the new energy auto market, including Weilan, Weima, Xiaopeng and other Internet car brands. The new intelligent electric car brand, which is jointly created by the SAIC Group, Alibaba and Pudong New Area, is also exposed by netizens recently.

For this intellectual car, after the new car of the Internet, the functional configuration of Black Technology is not lost to Tesla, so that many owners have begun to pay attention to Internet car brands. As the first model of intelligence, it is natural and the attention of many netizens. Let’s take a look at this car together.

In the design, this new car uses more line elements, and the lower face looks more in line with the sports car design style. The sharp headlights of sharp spider eye models have a silver-plated chrome trim decorative border, which looks more domineering. The fully enclosed grille also strengthens its pure electric car. The bottom of the air-kinetic design is a strong dynamic. In terms of car tail, the new car used the fashioned penetration taillight design, and the length of the new car is 5000mm * 1960mm * 1485mm, and there is excellent spatial performance in the same case.

In terms of interior, it can be seen that this new car uses a plurality of multi-function steering wheel. The button uses a virtual button, and the traditional multi-function steering wheel button is more similar. In addition, the most impressive in the inner accessory is four LCD screens, including a large triple screen design on the center console and a large screen in front of the armrest box. In addition, in the window choice, the new car also uses a double-layer mute glass design to make better results for sound insulation noise in the car.

In the dynamic performance, this intellectual new car uses the four-wheel drive system of the two-motor, the maximum power can reach 400kW, the peak torque is 700N · m, and the 100 km acceleration is only 3.9 seconds. And the whole standard of 93KWH battery pack, the high-equipped model will be equipped with 115kWH battery pack, up to 1000km long battery life, without loss of Tesla models that are refilled.

It is understood that this new car will be positioned in the pure electric luxury B-class car, which is expected to be delivered within the year.

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