On March 11th, the China Automobile Association released the operation of automotive industrial economic operation in February. From the production and sales data released from the Sino-Stroller Association, in January-in February, 59 and 91 were completed, respectively, down 59.3% and 46.8%, respectively.

Inverted, in February 2021, 25 vehicles were completed only 25 and 28 in the production and sales of fuel cells. Compared with 29 and 63 units in January, the production and sales in February is very bleak.

Data show that in February this year, the auto production and sales completed 1503,000 vehicles, respectively, with 37.1% and 41.9%, respectively, increased by 4.2 times and 3.6 times respectively. Among them, new energy vehicles have completed 124,000 and 110,000, an increase of 7.2 times and 5.8 times respectively, which is reported that new energy vehicles have been refreshed for 8 months.

It is worth noting that the fuel cell has continued to be obvious in the market in the case of subsidizing policies. According to the hydrogen tendon data, due to the end of 2020, in 2020, my country’s fuel cell vehicle market production and pins were: 1199 and 1179; fell by 57.5% and 56.8%, respectively; the fuel cell vehicle cumulative guarantee reached 7,355.

However, the hydrogen chain believes that with the introduction of the epidemic and the introduction of the fuel cell policy demonstration notice, the national fuel cell car production is expected to increase. After all, the formal announcement of the demonstration urban group will vigorously promote the rapid development of the local fuel cell car industrial chain, and the domestic research and development process will also be strongly supported by the incentive policy; and in terms of basic construction support, there are currently announced It is expected that the number of hydrogenation stations is expected that the number of hydrogen production plants will have a new breakthrough, or will reach 150 to 200, and the hydrogen fuel batteries are provided “blood”; Finally, in the fuel cell system manufacturer The expected delivery order, 2021, the system’s order volume has exceeded the peak of 2019, such as no emergency, and after the demonstration of urban aggregates, it is expected that the production and sales volume of fuel cells will have substantially increased.

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