Affected by the wave of electrification of the automotive electrification, several excellent emerging car companies have born in the domestic auto market, they rely on policy support and their own advantages, selling excellent market sales. In this influence, some traditional old car companies have also opened their own automotive electricization plans. BYD, Chery and other old-fashioned car companies have excellent market performance after launching electric vehicles, and people have seen the market for electric vehicles.

As a leading brand in the domestic automobile manufacturing enterprise, many models have been enthusiastically sought after by the market, and since the acquisition of Nordic Luxury Brand Volvo, it makes people see the strength of Geely’s brand. In this electrical wave, Geely naturally saw the vast market, therefore launched Geely Geometric high-end electrified brands.

Not long ago, we saw a set of declaration information about Geely Geometry from the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Unlike the previous model, the new car is upgraded in the configuration and power and life, and we speculate that the new car is likely to be named geometric a pro.

The appearance of the car does not change much with the current model. It is worth mentioning that both sides of the closed grille are equipped with a more slender headlight set, which looks more gas field. Like other equivalents, the car’s guarantee is more pursuit of the movement of the vehicle and the sound of the vehicle, the waistline design of the body appears to be more calm, and the overall shape is more fluent.

The tail of the vehicle, the manufacturer is designed to be more flat, coupled with Geely Logo, so that the tail of this car looks higher atmosphere. In terms of the body size, the long aspect of the vehicle is 4752/1804 / 1503mm, and the body axis is 2700mm, so the wheelbase is already the forefront of the same level.

In the configuration order of the vehicle, it is the top priority of the new. According to the model configuration, the manufacturer has introduced more wheels, panoramic curtains, and the rear camera, etc., consumers can choose according to their personal needs. At the same time, the manufacturer also provides two different colors of the body to meet more young consumers.

In terms of power, the car is equipped with a drive motor from the model TZ180XY150 produced by Japan’s electric vehicle motor (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd., which is up to 204 kW. At the same time, the car may also be equipped with a three-dimensional battery pack with an energy density of 183.23Wh / kg, such a large-density battery pack, and the battery life can break through 600 kilometers.

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