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On March 5th, the fourth meeting of the 13th National People’s Congress opened, 2021 government work reported freshly.

It is worth noting that the “New Energy Car” has no figure in the government’s work report, and the expression related to the car is “stable increases the majority of the car, home appliances, etc., canceling the unreasonable limitations of used car transactions, increase Parking, charging piles, power saving stations and other facilities, speeding up construction of power battery recycling system. “

“Increase the facilities such as charging piles, power saving stations, speed up the construction of power battery recycling system,” This shows that the front of the government’s leading and support for the front end of the new energy vehicle now has basically reached the target, the current focus is the use of consumers.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, as of June 2020, the national accumulated charging station reached 42,000, and the power-on power reached 525, and various types of charging piles reached 1.42 million.

Although China has built the world’s largest electric vehicle charging facility network, China is also the world’s largest new energy auto market, and new energy car ownership is also the first of the world. The car pile is about 3.1: 1, that is, every three There are about 1 charging pile of the car.

It seems that there is a lot of real problems, such as the uneven distribution of public charging piles, there are many private charging piles in some areas, and the utilization of the public charging piles is low. This is “there is no car without car”; There are few private charging piles in some regions, and the public charging piles layout are not enough. This is “there is no brillion”; in addition, there is no management of charging piles, causing damage, oil occupation, etc., the community cannot install private charging Pile, etc.

Therefore, at the current technical level, the new energy automotive endless mileage launched by each vehicle enterprise can reach the level of 500-700km, even higher, now consumers’ biggest anxiety for new energy vehicles is not endurance, but Elemental anxiety.

It is worth noting that “power-on power” is already a second time mentioned in the government’s work report.

In 2020, the power-on station was first written into the government’s report, and the “construction charging pile” is proposed as “increasing the charging pile, the power saving station and other facilities”.

At the same time, in the 2020 new energy vehicle subsidy policy issued on April 23, 2020, it was clearly mentioned that the model for the sale of more than 300,000 yuan before the subsidy did no longer enjoy subsidies, except for the power transmission mode.

Therefore, from the perspective of policy, the relevant departments are compared to fast-conducting modes, especially in the case where the current charging speed is relatively slow, and there is no substantial progress in high-voltage power grids, the power transmission mode can solve the user mileage. anxiety.

Last year, due to the support of the government, the removal model last year ushered in rapid development, many companies began to lay out the power transmission mode, and implemented the sales plan for the electric separation. This year, the government’s work report once again mentioned “increasing power-on power”, and may have a lot of new players to join.

The Secretary-General of the National Passenger Car Federation believes that this shift is included in the work report, which has a good promotion of the development of taxi exchanges.

According to the China Automotive Technology Research Center and CCIDIN data, China’s new energy vehicle guarantee has reached 4.92 million, and the accumulated power battery has 200,000 tons (about 25GWH). According to estimates, in 2025, the waste battery capacity of my country needs recycling will reach 137.4GWH, 5 times more than 2020.

According to the Economic Observer 2020, the relevant survey and reports of the power battery recovery have shown that the first batch of electric vehicles has arrived, and the next few years will be peak.

It is worth noting that the decommissioning power battery treatment also produces a certain risk, such as an organic solvent in the electrolyte, is difficult to despise, and some organic solvents have a low flash point, and improper treatment will cause serious consequences of combustion explosion; electrolyte The lithium hexafluorophosphate is highly corrosive, and the decomposition of water will cause hydrogen fluoride, which is a highly toxic gas, which will cause serious harm to the environment and human health.

At the beginning of January this year, an explosion in a power battery recycling enterprise in Hunan Province has caused a number of deaths to death, which has triggered a wide focus of society.

The Secretary-General of the National Passenger Car Association believes that accelerating the construction of waste power battery recycling system is current urgency and arduous tasks, to actively explore market-based recycling models with strong technical economics and friendly resource environment.

The burden of the company’s responsibility is overweight, lacks the responsibility of battery companies, which requires acceleration to establish. At present, the use of the power storage battery is generally 5-8 years, which means that new energy batteries in the previous investment market have been basically eliminated.

In order to let the “retired” power storage battery continue to exert the heat, my country continues to improve the construction of relevant system in terms of the recycling of power storage batteries.

From the manufacturing end to the end to the recycling end, the new energy vehicles are gradually impartnation.

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