For all, the national “two sessions” are the focus of concern from all walks of life, while the automotive industry is a pillar industry of the national economy, reflecting the landmark industry of national competitiveness, and naturally becoming less concerned. In the two sessions of the previous session, all the car gapsea will recommend a better route for the development of the China Auto Industry. At the two sessions held this year, you also continued to make recommendations for the healthy development of the automotive industry. In this two sessions, new energy vehicles have become the focus of the advice of all the procurement of the car, such as the National People’s Congress, the Secretary of the Changan Auto Party Committee, Chairman Zhu Huarong, the National People’s Congress, the Guangqi Group Party Secretary, Chairman Zeng Qinghong and other car big 倧There are new energy vehicles involving new energy vehicles. And the National People’s Congress representative, the chairman of Geely Holdings Group, the National People’s Congress, the Great Wall President Wang Fengying, the National People’s Congress, the Party Secretary of the National People’s Congress, the Chairman Yin Tong Yue, is eyeing “Going out.”

In recent years, new energy vehicles have shown unprecedented vitality, and the development speed of emerging new energy vehicles at home and abroad has been amazing. Traditional car companies and even a technology circle enterprises have also participated in new energy vehicles. At the same time, the development of new energy vehicles has an important role in achieving the goals of clean, carbon in my country. There is no doubt that Zhu Huarong and Zeng Qinghong’s proposal for new energy areas are in line with social development trends and have far-reaching significance. As for Geely, the “New Energy Car Walking out” has stood on the stage of the era. This year’s two will be the year of the 13th Five-Year Territory, and the opening of the 14th Five-Year Plan. It is the beginning of the start of the international domestic double cycle, and it is a big trend that “walking out” is in line with the development. However, their respective suggestions have their own care, and then “Tao Ge said the car” editors to give you some.

Looking for the new energy car opened Zhu Huarong and Zeng Qinghong

Zhu Huarong put forward the recommendations of the optimization of new energy vehicles in the two sessions, promoting new energy vehicles accelerated, indicating that establishing a “points pool” management mechanism, and regulate points supply and demand. It is recommended that the industry organization establishes the “points pool” management mechanism. Under the premise of ensuring fairness and relative marketization, the integral integral supply and demand situation is stored, while allowing companies to lend points from the integration pool and pay by a certain interest rate. In order to regulate the market supply and demand structure, stable price expectations, which makes it easy for enterprises to conduct resource allocation in advance to reduce business risks.

Zhu Huarong proposed “Establishing the ‘Integral Pool’ Management Mechanism” is aimed at current, and new energy vehicle manufacturing enterprises are generally investive, and there is less than expected. At present, Changan Automobile’s new energy automobile business is not much in its overall business sector, Changan Automobile has made a large investment in the development of new energy vehicles in the near future. In November 2020, Changan Automobile Union Hua is Ningde Times built a new new energy car brand, claiming to develop a new electric platform CHN. In the next five years, 105 models are launched based on the new platform. It is conceivable that this Hong Tu Weiye requires a huge preliminary investment, and Zhu Huarong is the proposed offer for this great industry?

Compared with Zhu Huarong, Zeng Qinghong did not propose the proposal to directly promote the development of enterprises, but proposed: “It is recommended to strengthen the construction of supporting infrastructure. The relevant national ministries will strengthen the overall planning, planning and layout, urban grading promotion, in the old city renovation, suburban joint development In advance, consider the land plan, charging station layout, distribution facilities construction, etc., new power supply focused on considering the power upgrade transformation of old communities and city villages, solving the problem of electricity electricity in these areas. “Currently restricting new energy vehicles development A key reason is that the infrastructure such as the charge is not perfect, while Zeng Qinghong’s proposal is just targeted. As one of the earlier companies in the development of new energy vehicles in China, GAC Group naturally can get a lot of benefits. Guangzhou Automobile Group attaches great importance to its new energy vehicle development. In the 2020 Guangzhou Auto Show, Guangqi Group will independently, and operate independently, and then enhance the weight of new energy vehicles again in the strategic level. The models of Guangqi En, in recent years, in recent years, the sales of the new energy automobile market is more expensive. After the recovery electrical base station is improved, the Guangzhou Automobile Egyi is probably better to get water. Although Zhu Huarong, Zhao Huarong, Zeng Qinghong, is “careful”, which is “careful” to provide assistance to its own business, but it is undeniable that the above two recommendations have positive significance for the rapid spread of new energy vehicles.

Promote the foreign cycle Li Shufu, Wang Fengying is standing

Li Shufu proposed: “Recommended industry institutions, relevant government management departments combined with new energy automotive properties and railway transportation industry management requirements, conduct discussions and exchanges, formulate corresponding product safety standards and transportation management procedures. Consider market and corporate demand, timely open new Energy automobile transport specialties, meet the needs of China’s car companies’ walking goes out “and European regional growing new energy automobile market.”

In the context of building dual cycles at home and abroad, Li Shufu has to say that it is just right. Since the external cycle must first turn on the logistics, Li Shufu’s proposal to develop an export-oriented economy in the automotive industry is undoubtedly auction. However, it is worth mentioning that Geely has recently expanded to the new energy vehicle field, in addition to the development of its own brand, the acquisition of Lifan Development New Energy Automobile is also constantly working with Faraday, Baidu and other enterprises, and even rumors Geely will be Apple . Geely Automobile’s huge new energy car layout seems to be in the construction, when can China’s auto market meet the product output of Geely Automobile? Wang Fengying proposed: “It is recommended to develop global development planning of China’s new energy auto industry in China; support enterprises with independent innovation capabilities in new energy vehicles; build autonomous global supply chain systems, improve the overall new energy vehicle ‘Going out to’ strength; expanding international economic and trade cooperation, driving the company’s mutual benefit and win-win; formulate the defense mechanism of the self-protection of the key core technology of new energy vehicles. “Compared with Li Shufu, Wang Fengying’s proposal is more macro, but pay attention to” Going out “, especially” Developing the Defense Mechanism of the Self-Protection of New Energy Automotive Key Core Technology “to prove this. The Great Wall Motor has consistently advocates “excessive development”, in the new energy vehicle field, Great Wall Auto Independent New Energy Automobile Brand is only Euler, but the Great Wall Motor has rich technology, and has completed the battery, mechanism analysis, PACK , BMS test laboratory and battery trial workshop, test center, analysis center, etc. And such technologies make it a high degree of “walking out”. In addition, whether it is Geely Automobile or Great Wall Automobile in recent years, it is extremely broad. According to the official data released by Geely Automobile, January 2021, the sales of Geely Automobile in overseas markets is 10033, compared to 2020 In the same period, it has increased by 343%. How can I get the opportunity for new energy auto export? As for the Great Wall, it does not mention the status of Haval brand in Russia. Only its current overseas sales covers more than 60 countries around the world. The global sales network has more than 500 layout bases, which is not to let Wang Fengying will go through the new energy automobile era of external circulation trend. It is undeniable that the proposal of the above-mentioned car is more or less to take “private goods”, which will help its company’s private heart. But we also see that most of their proposals are a win-win initiative, which is also a long-term development of the automotive industry while entraining. It’s both win-win, so why is it a bit selfish?

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