Since Mili Hongguang Mini EV is popular last year, many people have seen the enthusiastic pursuit of the market for exquisite cars. As the nasal ancestors of the exquisite trolley, Smart has won a lot of consumers many years ago. In January last year, domestic auto giant Geely has reached a cooperation with Mercedes-Benz Group to jointly set up a Zhima Company (SMART), which also announced that this classic trolley is expected to rejuvenate new students in the domestic market.

Through some internal channels, the new SMART model will be put into production at the end of this year, and it is expected that it will be launched in the domestic market after Mercedes-Benz old German Munich. In order to make the market more recognized a new model, Geely Automobile also puts the research and development of new cars in a new platform. It is reported that the platform is a new pure electric platform made by Geely to the packet. The first electric car ZERO is also born on this platform. The new Smart was born on the platform and also showed the importance of the Geely Group for the model.

As we all know, the previous Smart Fortwo model has only 2.7 meters, so this is quite unfavorable to the electric vehicle battery, and it will affect the battery life. In addition, the car is still a short period of time, but the market performance is still general.

And we oppose the recent fire MINI EV, although there are some shrinkage in the room, the configuration is somewhat incomplete, but the price of the car is 2.88-388 million, the price of the car is really heart, so it has received the extremes of domestic consumers Singing, a situation that has caused a car is hard to find.

So will SMART will learn from the seniors, adjust it in terms of battery life, selling price? According to the news we got, the car is very likely to carry a post motor, the maximum power is 200 kW, and it is equipped with a 70 kWh-time battery. The endurance mileage has more than 500 kilometers under the NEDC. It is such a small car, so The life level has been very surprised.

Then there is a friend asking the price of this truck, because the car passes through Geely, some parts are generally used, so there is naturally decline in the cost. At the same time, consumers do not need to pay high import tax, so some people expect the car to set the price of the price of about 80,000 yuan. I don’t know if I wait until the car is listed, can I set the price to 80,000 yuan?

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