The emergence of cars provides a lot of convenience for human life. With the continuous improvement of automotive technology, the fuel trains have been very mature. However, the pollution caused by fuel energy is also getting more serious. In order to solve the problem of oil emissions pollution, the concept of new energy is born.

As we all know, new energy is a new and more environmentally friendly energy. It is not only my country. It is not only new energy in China. Many countries have also introduced the timeline of banned orders. The future automotive industry will belong to new energy. . However, although the large direction is consistent, there is also a lot of differences in the choice of new energy. Taking my country and Japan as an example, my country’s new energy is mainly based on electric, and Japan’s new energy has taken hydrogen energy. The “War” between electric energy and hydrogen can also be opened.

Some people may feel that Japan is in the world’s leading position in the technology, is it hydrogen energy than electricity? In fact, this problem is not so absolute, what kind of energy and national conditions have been chosen. Taking Japan’s choice of hydrogen energy, mainly because Japan’s land is small, property is not rich, so enough power is not a matter of easy things for them. Therefore, in the choice of energy, you will avoid your shortcomings, and hydrogen can become a better choice.

Confused, the cost of coal power generation is very low, and the power supply is also very sufficient, so it has become uncomfortable. Back to the energy itself, hydrogen energy has better environmental protection relative to electrical energy, which is more fast, which is more fast, and the speed of fuel cars is almost. However, hydrogen energy is not well preserved, so the cost of hydrogen energy and hydrogen energy itself is relatively high, as consumers do not feel the direct benefits of new energy.

The electric vehicle is very low, and the cost of the car is relatively low. Tesla continuously price is a good example. However, electric vehicles are not disadvantages, that is, the length of charging and battery aging. Will let the owner have endurance anxiety. At present, the power of electricity and hydrogen can not be known, and they are also very favorable, who is the future of new energy is still an unknown. However, believe that with the development of science, the maturity of new energy technology, there will always be the answer to us.

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