BYD is priced at 100,000 yuan.

On March 8, BYD Qin Plus DM-I super mixing model was listed in a live broadcast, and the price was 105,800 yuan.

Qin Plus DM-I is the first listing model equipped with BYD super mixing technology, and the car is lost 100 kilometers of fuel consumption <3.8L.

According to the pure battery life, Qin PLUS DM-I is divided into 120km and 55km. According to the information published by the official, Qin Plus DM-I 120km model is full of electricity to travel 1245km, and 55km version is full of oil, which can drive 1180km, which exceeds 1100 km.

The DM-I super mixing technology equipped with Qin Plus DM-I, changing the research and development ideas, constructs a power-oriented hybrid technology route, which greatly reduces the level of loss.


Oil-powered DM-I

Qin Plus DM-I plug-in car, supports DC charging function.

Qin Plus DM-i’s double charging port

The plug-in mixing model added to the DC charging function is not much, which is generally visible only on the extension mixing model, and all 120km versions of Qin Plus DM-I have this configuration.

Configure DC charging function to prove that BYD is quite rapid to market demand.

At present, charging stations across the country are mainly based on DC charging piles, while BYD pre-sequence DM plug-in mixing model does not support this charging method.

To this end, some Di Powder also developed an external DC charging device, and provides modification functions for BYD DM owners.

In addition, partial plug-in hybrid owners cannot install the exchange of exchanges for private use, and need to rely on public charging stations to solve charging problems. This also requires vehicle support DC charging services.

The emergence of Qin Plus DM-I super mixed, solving the problem of consumers want to charge, and charging with selfless piles.

Support DC charging function does not mean that the Qin Plus DM-I daily car must be charged, and even if it is not charged, its B state (loss) is not more than 3.8L.

According to the previous media measurement information, in the energy consumption competition in the shoulder, the loss of the price of the Qin Plus DM-I 55km model is significantly lower than the same level of the Japanese and Germany fuel truck.

Before the Spring Festival, some media driving Qin Plus DM-I 55km models, conducting a box of oil from Guangdong to Guizhou, challenge 5 provinces, bicycles measured a box of oil for the longest driving mileage of 1018 kilometers.


43% thermal efficiency engine

The DM-I super mixing technique applied by Qin Plus DM-I is composed of 1.5L insert special engine, EHS, and super mixed special blade battery.

The technique is the most worthy of technology.

The engine can reach 43% thermal efficiency because BYD uses the addition and subtraction method in technology.

Addition, increasing is combustion efficiency.

The subtraction, reduced energy loss such as exhaust, cooling, pumping, friction, accessory consumption.

In terms of adding, Bia is a way to change the engine combustion condition as an Atkinson cycle, improve engine compression ratio to 15.5.

Atkinson engine parameters contrast

It is worth mentioning that even if it is compared with the Atkinson circulating engine of the Japanese mixed car, BYD 1. 1.5L plug-in engine, the technical parameters are also on the leading level.

In addition to changing working conditions, increasing engine compression, the engine also increases stroke cylinder diameter ratio (S / B).

The S / B ratio of the 云 1.5L plug-of-special engine is between 1.25-1.3, between power and efficiency, BYD found a balance.

In terms of subtraction, the 云 1. 5 插 插 专 专 发 发 技术 技术 技术 技术 技术 技术 技术 技术 技术 技术 技术 技术 技术 技术 技术 技术 技术 技术 技术 技术 技术 技术 技术 技术 技术 技术 技术 技术 技术 技术 技术 技术 技术 技术 技术 技术 技术 技术 技术 技术 技术 技术Drive the vehicle advancement with the generator power generation.


Low speed increase, high speed direct drive

Multi-purpose electricity, less oil, six words, you can summarize the design concept of Qin Plus DM-I.

Qin Plus DM-I is equipped with an EHS electric mix based on electric drive, and the architecture tends to low speed rate, high-speed direct drive characteristics.

In the drive mode, the DM-I technology combines a mixed mode in series.

For the loss of money, the loss of high speed conditions, through the mutual cooperation between three modes, parallel and pure electricity, to achieve energy saving goals.

In driving, Qin Plus DM-i supports EV, HEV series, HEV parallel and engine direct drive, these four working conditions correspond to different driving scenarios.

In the EV pure electric mode, the drive motor is driven by a power battery, without a shift operation, the driving experience is the same as the pure electric car, smooth and quiet.

In the HEV series mode, the cloud 1.5L plug-in special engine drives the generator to generate electricity, and then output the electric energy to the motor through the EHS electrical mixing system for driving the wheel advancement. This mode may also be called a recovery state.

In the HEV parallel mode, the 云 1.5L plug-in special engine drives the generator power generation to drive the motor energy, and the power battery also outputs power supply to drive motor energy, through the oil and electricity dual loss, the strongest power of the DM-I system . The engine direct drive mode is applied to the highway cruise scene. The engine is directly driven by the wheels, and the utilization of the engine is lowered in the high-speed cruise stage to reduce fuel consumption.

In actual use, four modes can be adjusted in real time through driving computers.


Anti-air market

Qin PLUS DM-I is only 1058 million yuan, which is the counterattack of BYD to the joint venture brand fuel car.

After enjoying the green policy discount, the first car purchase cost of Qin Plus DM-I consumers can be controlled within 120,000 yuan, which will form a competitive advantage for numerous joint venture brand fuel cars.

Qin Plus DM-I is attributed to the classification of plug-in mixing vehicles in new energy vehicles, so they can enjoy green policy discounts in the restricted city except for Beijing.

Take the first three in the first list in January 2021 as an example, three models of Nissan Sylphy, Volkswagen LaVida, Volkswagen Sagitar’s sales price is 100,000 yuan, consumers need to pay for purchase tax, some areas need to purchase The license plate fees, the actual landing price reaches 120,000 yuan.

Even if there is a market terminal discount, the initial purchase cost of Qin Plus DM-I will also be flat with the joint venture brand, and significantly lower than the Japanese non-plug of mixed cars.

In some areas, Qin PLUS DM-I of the new energy green card will also have unlimited travel advantages.

Also benefited from new energy green, there are brand power. BYD brand in the new energy vehicle area, is second only to Tesla’s world’s second largest market value new energy car company, Qin Plus DM-I new energy car, so you can enjoy BYD’s brand premium in the new energy field.

Compared with the current price of more than 130,000 yuan, BYD Qin Plus DM-i debut in the low price, and the brand premium of BYD will inevitably attract the fuel truck consumers in the price range. To purchase new energy.

However, there is not much time to stay to BYD, the Shanghai Municipal Government will clearly distribute new energy licenses from January 1, 2023, and no longer disclose the new energy license alone, which will make the plug-in mixed car lost a generation. . Another big city Beijing, from the unless the plug-in mixed vehicle is issued separately.

Therefore, BYD needs to be rapid, do not remove the chain due to the problem of production capacity, and measure the opportunity to attack the fuel market.

BYD Qin Plus DM-I inserted the low price of the tram into the market, whether it can cause follow-up of other independent brands, but also pay attention.


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