It is the actual number one player in the first creation of a new energy car enterprise in the first day, whether in sales or secondary markets, even have eventually surpassing traditional luxury automotive manufacturers. In 2020, it is more than 43,700 new cars, an increase of 113% from 2019, and the first in the new forces. Sales with steadily growth have also won the favor of the capital market, the market value exceeded 10 billion, only in the initial innovation energy automotive enterprises, only Tesla. In addition, as a car company in the price of more than 300,000 yuan, the horrible sales growth rate of the awareness has continued to press the traditional luxury automotive manufacturers such as BBA.

The market level is steadily forward and gradually makes the awareness of performance improve. According to the 2020th quarter, the fourth quarter of the 2020 and the full year did not audit financial results report, and the gross profit margin from 17.2% from 17.2% in the fourth quarter, and hematopoietic capacity increased significantly. As of December 31, 2020, it was a full 42.5 billion cash, and the cash flow is unprecedented. Although there is still a loss, the loss is much larger than the same period, and the loss is mainly coming from the technology R & D and sales, the service network is put into investment. Compared to the profit, the top priority is still the strength, expanding the competitive advantage. in.

The achievements that have been achieved will better support the layout of the development level. At the moment, the new energy automotive sector has been widely recognized, including traditional car companies such as Geely and Beiqi, are constantly being built in this regard. And it is an earlier and outstanding achievements in this respect. Under the support of a good business, it will lead the industry in the electromechanical separation.

From a signs of signs, it is coming!

New energy market alone, beyond BBA near eyes

Since 2020, the amount of delivery has risen, and 3,838 vehicles are delivered in the first quarter, from 10,333 units and 12206 vehicles in the second quarter, and then to 17,353 in the fourth quarter, and the delivery rate growth is amazing. Based on the decision of policy changes and subsidies, the industry generally does not optimize the performance of the new energy market in 2021 Q1, but the 2021 Q1 delivery number reaches 20000-20500, and continues to rise 15-18% from the previous month. . In February this year, the sales volume is more than 7 times, and it is achieved for 11 consecutive months. It is very obvious that it is very obvious.

There are currently four models in the company, of which the sales models are sold to ES6 subsidies, and the price is 346,4800, and the highest price at the ES8 subsidy is 6.06,000 yuan. The price of the product is quite equivalent to the luxury car brand, but also continues to sell, it can be said to have created a precedent of the autonomous car brand.

In the new energy vehicle field, Tesla’s sales seem to be crushed, but Tesla is only Model 3, and its high-end model market performance is general. Tesra Model S and Model X do not replace it, the price is too high, the new Model S has not yet entered the Chinese market, and Tesla high-end models are competitive in the domestic market. According to the number of models in January, the three models of ES8, ES6, and EC6 are 1651,2679,2864, and the targeted Tesra Model S, X is only 20,223, which means that The sales sales of Model S and Model X are only equivalent to sales of a day.

The current pure electric models of BBA have not yet constituted threats, and the pure electric models sold in BBA are still reflected in the product, and they are not recognized by the market. According to the number of models in January, Audi E-TRON Sales For 20 vehicles, Mercedes-Benz EQC sales 422, and the BMW IX3, which has recently cut prices, is only 371, and there is no advantage in sales than any of the models.

It is worth mentioning that it is aware of the performance of the BBA fuel competition in the luxury car segment. According to the data of the China Auto Center, the flagship SUV ES8 is sold in Shanghai for the first time in Shanghai (number of hazards) BMW X5 has become the first place in large SUVs in more than 400,000. You know, in this segment, traditional luxury car brands such as BBA have always been rulers, and it has transcended them to a certain extent, and it has already shown that there is a trend of comprehensive transcendence of traditional luxury cards. It has been dominated by 35-6 million high-end electric vehicle markets in the Chinese market.

History Best Financial Report, gross profit margin, hold 50 billion cash

In the context of sustained hot sale, it is aware of the most bright financial report in history. According to the 20020 fourth quarter of the 2020, the total revenue of the 4th quarter of 20020 was 6641 billion yuan, an increase of 133.2% year-on-year, an increase of 46.7%. In 2020, the total revenue was 16.257.9 billion yuan, an increase of 107.8% year-on-year. Income growth rates why it is horrible. Of course, it is still in a loss state, and the net loss in 2020 is 5.341 billion yuan, but it is 53.0% year-on-year, and the trend is obvious.

The brightest eye of this, the most bright eye is the increase in gross profit margin. The fourth quarter of 2020 is more than 17.2%, while the same period of last year is still -8.9%; 2020 Annual Aurasa’s gross profit margin is 11.5% And the same period last year is still -15.3%. This is an excellent signal that shows that it is already self-heating capacity, and hematopoietic capacity is constantly enhanced. In the context of the new power of the car, it is necessary to survive the development of capital blood transfusion, and it is more descriptive strength of the gross profitability. So how is it to complete the rapid rotation of the gross profit margin?

The CPC official said: “We fully demonstrate the strong will and users of the 2020. It benefits from the continuous growth of the delivery performance, and the average proprietary price, the cost of continuous improvement And manufacturing, we have reached 17.2% in the fourth quarter.

At the financial conference call, Ji Ju, Vice President, Finance, said: “The whole vehicle gross profit increased from 14.5 in the third quarter to 17.2% in the fourth quarter, mainly due to the increase in the delivery of the high-ascending rate model ES8 and EC6, also Thanks to the improvement of manufacturing, the average selling price, the average annual increase of approximately 10,000 yuan per vehicle, and there is a small material and other cost improvements. The fourth quarter carbon points sales gross profit of 120 million yuan, The contribution of gross profit margin is 1.8%, which also helps improve the comprehensive gross profit. “

In addition to the gross profit margin, there is also a highlight in this financial report. As of December 31, 2020, its cash and cash equivalents, restriction monetary funds and short-term investment totaled 4.25 billion yuan. Plus it is $ 1.5 billion in January 2021, it is now holding nearly 50 billion cash. It is conceivable that so many real gold and silver will play a lot to promote it.

Business model innovation electric electric separation or lead the era

The achievements in the new energy vehicle are not only the car, but more importantly, it is a business model in the automotive industry, especially in the deployment of electromechanical separation and the exchange network. It has already launched Baas service for the owner. On the one hand, the electric separation of the vehicle makes the price of the vehicle more cheap. On the other hand, on the other hand, the emergence of electrification is not a good solution to the mileage anxiety. Method.

At present, it is an initial innovative energy automotive enterprise that is only a layout of electric separation model, and it is also a car company currently in this mode. Although there is no market foundation, it is a very good result, and the proportion of Baas is as high as 55% in the new order in February. This innovative business model based on the electricity separation and power transmission network is indeed really pushed. Come to the sales continuously.

It is worth mentioning that the current electromechanical separation and the power-exchange network are being accepted by most companies, including Geely, Beiqi, etc., in this respect. At the two sessions of this year, Chen Hong, a representative of the National People’s Congress, and the Chairman of the SAIC Group, also submitted the “Suggestions on Perfecting New Energy Automobile” Electric Separation “Business Model Policy System”. He suggested that the country needs to encourage the promotion of non-fast-changing and fast-moving “Electric Separation” models to promote new energy vehicles; recommend relevant national relevant departments to study, and completely comprehensively combing and introducing the “Electric Separation” model Management policies to speed up the “Electric Separation”. Obviously, this model has become a development trend in the field of new energy vehicles.

It is currently the results in this regard, under the promotion of policies and the continuous operation of the operation, the business model of “Baas” will lead the development direction of the industry, and will be willing to This became the drain soldier on the road of new energy vehicles.

According to the proposal, the vehicle delivery volume will reach 20,000 and 20,500, and the total revenue is between RMB 7.382 billion to RMB 7.557.2 billion, which means that it is necessary to deliver. More than 400% year-on-year growth in terms of revenue. With the exemption, the exemption, a repeated surprises, the forward-looking business layout mode, it is not difficult to touch the volunteers in the first quarter of 2021.

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