For a long time, we have a large extent to the traditional manufacturing plant level for “founders”. But extending to today’s car field, “founder” seems to have different connotations and opportunities.

The “her story” interview guests – General Manager Ouyang, general manager of Pai Xu, from a professional woman, sharing with us to transition from the fuel truck to the era of electrification, the foundry they see, accordingly The business layout made and the new understanding of “OED”.

As an entrepreneur, we have seen many excellent quality from her and their teams, and find some volts from Today from these qualities.

We saw that the OEM has opened a factory.

The automotive industry has developed more than one hundred years. Nowadays, there is now a new direction of development and sharing of industries, electrification, intelligence, netization and sharing. Whether it is a traditional vehicle or a new car, even some parts and Internet companies, have entered the new energy auto market.

“From the transition from traditional car era, we have seen a lot of changes, these changes are hidden.” Ouyang Hongyu told the NE era.

She expressed in an interview. “More than 10 years ago, the traditional automobile industry electronics accounts for about 15% -20% of the whole vehicle, but turns to the era of electrification and intelligence, automotive electronics (including battery) is nearly 50%. -55%. “

In the new four-generation era, the car is more diversified for electronics, and soft and hardware separation has become a new trend, and the car companies are more inclined to master the core capabilities of software, but traditional parts suppliers are not only satisfied. The use of hardware parts of the car enterprise, the needs of the market are urgent, so the third-party foundr has emerged.

At that time, Ouyang Hongyi is considering the next stage in the career. From the beginning of the Japanese-funded electronic factory, it is responsible for the production and operation of market supply chain management. Later, we will set up Maru Xu Electronics to make electronic components agency trade business Basically, they have not left the electronics industry, so we continue to have a deep spirit in the electronics industry.

As a result, Ouyang Hongxi is determined to lead the team to open a factory, specialize in automotive electronics intelligent manufacturing business.

We are not just a foundry

“At that time, the vehicle factory basically has some new energy car key technology electronic components. It is necessary to produce, but there are not many factories that can provide a model manufacturing service in society. The quality requirements are high, and the delivery is tight.” Ouyang Hongyu said that this is the pain point of the industry, and it is their chance.

On the way, the professional qualification factory, the engineer team of the powerful technology background, and the stable supply chain system, each for Maru Xu Electronics, is a difficult bone.

Factory, equipment, and production process standards These hardware can imitate excellent multinational enterprises in the industry, but the lack of technical background teams are difficult to establish core advantages, which is precisely the weakness of Baowu.

Therefore, Ouyang Hongyu and its team have quickly formed their own technical research and development centers, covering the development of information software, automation, industrial Internet technology, electronic manufacturing technology and testing technology, and five major research and development systems for smart plants.

From hardware to software, from service to technology, it is clear that this is not our understanding of traditional sense.

In a professional third-party electronic solution manufacturing service version, Ouyang Hongzhen frankly said that the advantage of local enterprises is not obvious, and the global TO50 list may only account for only one, and these 50 companies have a factory in the mainland. The overall competitive environment is also intense.

In the face of the challenges and stress in these entrepreneurs, Ouyang Hong’s blind man will start anxiety, suffocate, but let’s think about it, who is not working hard? With the growth of years old, the experience is increased, and the mentality is getting more and more peaceful, there are more powerful hearts, but more practical to build various modules, and the cause gradually starts with turning.

The national level has gradually realized that although half of the world’s electronic products from China, high-end professional third-party electronic software manufacturing is not strong, so a series of policies have been introduced to promote the development of manufacturing industry. This is undoubtedly a fixed pill for Pai Xu Electronics.

The poor policy, coupled with the advancement of Pai Xu, and the early accumulated resources, Ouyang Hongxi and its team practically developed, and also began to have a batch of customers. Including Guangzhou Automobile, SAIC, Geely, Great Wall, and Italian and other cars, Li Her, Anbufu, Ningde Times, Universal A123, winning electronic components.

In 2020, Pai Xu Electronics BMS traffic jumped to the NE data TOP list, the fifth and foundry’s road gradually branched.

In addition, Maru Xu Electronics also received a number of new customers and new projects, Guangqi, Wei Si, BMW, and a winning electronics and other customers will also be mass-produced in 2021.

In this way, Papu Electronics has manufacturing and testing experience in the key function security parts such as New Energy Automotive BMS, electric drive system, electronic control, automatic driving, and smart cockpit.

However, what is not only a general foundry from the beginning of the beginning of Pai Xugu.

Ouyang Hongxi said that our ideal smart factory is not only a complex of various advanced technologies such as automation, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, 5G, but also in efficiency, quality, and cost to make batch. Production, but also use the smart factory as a platform, using industrial Internet technology to pull suppliers, customers, and partners into a mutually beneficial partnership, and do the information between the mains to efficient and transparent. The entire team’s ultimate vision about the smart plant is more like a smart system.

Only practical and loved a career for a long time

Of course, this process will be very long from the transformation of the manufacturing plant to the smart system. “But for a company, our focus is always in team building, management and promotion, technology development.” This is the principle of Ouyang Hongxi so many years of entrepreneurship.

Ouyang Hongyi believes that the value of creating a value can reflect the value of a company, give back to the best quality, optimal price and fastest service response.

She frank, she is not a ambition. But in our view, she is a very reliable person, whether it is for the previous boss’s work or the product of the customer expecting customers, it is grinding, this quality runs through the construction of Pai Xu Electronics team, Management promotion and each process of technology development.

But only practical, perhaps in challenging more entrepreneurial stages, how many disadvantages are lively.

Therefore, Ouyang Hong is clear, and love is another trait that needs to be cultivated. Because it is believed that the cause can be done for a long time, so she chooses to love, only love, in order to get a spent happy.

As for this kind of enthusiasm, Ouyang Hongyi also shared her idea, slowly make a good feeling from a thing, enjoy this feeling, and finally love this feeling, just like she is now very enjoyable now and This feeling of the team is time.

Regarding the expectations of the future, she frankly, in addition to the company with a temperature, professional, global company, I also hope to build a strong smart factory into a flower-causing park, here and a group of fun People do interesting things.

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