On March 4th, the fourth meeting of the 13th National CPPCC opened in Beijing, March 5th, the fourth meeting of the 13th National People’s Congress, was also officially held in Beijing. In the past years, the nationwide two sessions are the focus of concern, and the automotive industry is one of the high-profile blocks of the national economy.

Prime Minister Li Keqiang in the government’s work report, to implement the reform of industrial product access system, promote production access and circulation management of automobiles, electronic appliances and other industrial access and circulation management full process reform; comprehensive promotion of highway differentiation charges, resolutely rectifying trucks Road limit high limit facilities and inspection card points; stably increased large consumption such as automobiles, home appliances, cancel the unreasonable limitations of second-hand cars, increase parking, charging piles, power saving stations and other facilities, and accelerate construction of power battery recycling system.

The Securities Times reporter learned that on the eve of the National Council in 2021, the representative members of the automotive community have announced motion, proposal and suggestions. They have suggested in the two sessions, but not only revealing the current situation of the development of the automotive industry, also It will affect the direction of the transformation of the entire industry, and further promote the high – quality development of the China Automotive Industry.

National People’s Congress representative, secretary of the Changan Auto Party Committee, Chairman Zhu Huarong

Promote new energy vehicles accelerated

The National People’s Congress representative, the Secretary of the Changan Auto Party Committee, Chairman Zhu Huarong put forward a number of recommendations, including the following recommendations related to the automotive industry: “About optimizing the management of new energy vehicles, promoting new energy vehicles accelerated advice” ” The advice of the vehicle electronic certificate replaces the paper certificate and enhances the national information management capabilities “” Suggestions on the Electronic Truck Unified Invoice Electronicization “” “Recommendations for the rejuvenation of the vehicle management department” .

Among them, for the existing problems in the development of new energy vehicles, Zhu Huarong proposes to further optimize new energy vehicle development plan, and local governments should be consistent with national strategic planning; establish a “points pool” management mechanism, regulate points supply and demand; strengthen standard system construction Explore new energy vehicles and grid interactions.

National People’s Congress representative, SAIC, Party Secretary, Chairman Chen Hong

Improve the localization rate of car regulation chip

The National People’s Congress representative, the party secretary of the SAIC Group, and Chairman Chen Hong proposed four recommendations, including the “Improving the price of the car) chip, enhancing the domestic auto supply chain independent controllable ability” “” About strengthening the digital ecological environment Suggestions for Automotive Data Security and Privacy Protection “” About Accelerating Hydrogen Fuel Battery Automobile Industry Policy Support, Helping the Green Low Carbon Development of Automobile Industry “” The Suggestions on Perfecting New Energy Automobile “Electric Separation” Business Model Policy System “.

In response to the phenomenon of global automotive chip supply and demand, Chen Hong recommends increasing the support of the car regulation chip industry on the basis of the support policy of consumer-grade chip enterprises, so that the whole vehicle and parts enterprises are willing to use, dare to use , Active “; It is recommended to formulate the top design route of the model chip” two steps “to realize the power conversion of the car regulation chip enterprise from the outside; it is recommended to facilitate the establishment of a vehicle, system, and Major joint research on chips, due to government, enterprises to share the research and development funds, share patents, and occupy the highlights of future industry.

National People’s Congress representative, Guangqi Group Party Secretary, Chairman Zeng Qinghong

Car strong country, “core” accelerate the development of intelligent network new energy vehicles

Representatives of the National People’s Congress, Zhangqi Group Party Secretary, and Chairman Zeng Qinghong proposed five proposals, including “recommendations on accelerating the development of intelligent network new energy vehicles” “Suggestions on Strengthening the Building of Automobile Key Components” “” About Improved Defects Recommendations of Automotive Product Recall Related Laws and Regulations “” Recommendations on the Development of Recycling Automobile Recycling Industry “” Suggestions on Establishing Automobile Insurance Systems and Rescue Fund System “, system focusing on the focus of automotive industry and people’s livelihood.

Zeng Qinghong pointed out that the automobile is one of my country’s pillar industry, and the key components are the book of the car, the foundation of the strong country. The key components are not strong, the whole cavity is not strong, and the car is not strong. Therefore, Zeng Qinghong called for China Motors to be strong, to concentrate on human, financial, and material to solve chip problems, strengthen the construction of automobile key parts industry chain, adhere to independent innovation and open cooperation, and solve long-term And short-term issues. At the same time, in order to realize the planning goal of my country’s intelligent network new energy vehicle development, Zeng Qinghong recommends the corresponding coordination and matching in infrastructure construction, laws, regulations, R & D test, technology advancement, road construction, etc..

National People’s Congress, the party secretary of the Chery Auto Co., Ltd., Chairman Yin Tongyue

Strengthening industry integration breakthrough in car chip “card neck” technology

The National People’s Congress representative, the party secretary of the Qirui Auto Co., Ltd., the chairman Yin Tong jumped on the car chip, China’s brand enterprise export, the development of the intelligent network, and the development of the intelligent network, I have proposed nine proposals.

Among them, the phenomenon of the imbalance of the supply and demand of the car chip, Yin Tong suggested that by strengthening the industrial ecological integration to break through the “card neck” technology of the car chip. Specifically, it is recommended to develop the development of the domestic car chip technology route. Clarify the development goals of the domestic system of car chips, increase the construction of chip industry chain, key support and intellectual property protection. At the same time, it is recommended to set up a chip innovation platform. Give the chip industry from standard, standard, talents, and technical levels, and components industry and vehicle to support. It is recommended to strengthen the industrial ecological integration. In the ecology of industrial chain, encouragement and financial support, promote the ecology of the chip ecology and components, and the ecological integration of the whole vehicle. In addition to highly paying attention to the problem of car chip, Yin Tong also attaches great importance to the development of smart networks. He observed that in recent years, my country’s C-V2X has developed rapidly, but due to the different characteristics of the exemplary zone scene, equipment, and program, it will pay multiple access and communication protocol matching inputs as host plants. Therefore, Y Y Yue recommends establishing a national test demonstration zone testing vehicle on-road access results to each other, and the national test demonstration zone uses a unified C-V2X communication technology.

Li Shufu, Chairman of the National People’s Congress, Chairman of Geely Holdings Group

It is recommended to revise the industry standard to adapt to electric vehicle railway transportation

Recently, Li Shufu, the chairman of the National People’s Congress and Geely Holding Group, announced the “Suggestions on the Revision of Industry Standards to Adapt to Electric Automotive Railway Transportation” and “Suggestions on Solving Electric Disposal of Truck”.

Li Shufu said that the safety and product design, manufacturing process, quality control, parts production, product use, charging and maintenance of parts, production, product use, charging and maintenance and maintenance are closely related to the whole industry chain and full life cycle. In the critical stage of current market growth, major cars have the most important indicators of electric vehicle safety as new energy automobile industries. Through a variety of technical requirements and manufacturing standards to ensure electric vehicle safety, the safety during transportation is Controlled.

Therefore, he suggested that the existing standard is adapted according to the product characteristics of the electric vehicle; it is recommended that the industry agency, the relevant government management department combines the management requirements of new energy vehicles and railway transportation, and conducts discussions and exchanges, and formulates corresponding products. Safety standards and transportation management procedures; consider market and corporate demand, timely open new energy vehicles transport specialties, meet the “Going out” of China’s car companies and the growing demand for new energy automotive markets in Europe. In addition, Li Shufu has put forward corresponding advice on the promotion and regulatory issues of new energy trucks.

National People’s Congress representative, Great Wall Auto President Wang Fengying

It is recommended to promote globalization of China’s new energy automotive industry.

2021 The National People’s Congress, the National People’s Congress, the Great Wall Auto President Wang Fengying puts forward three proposals for the globalization, intelligent and new energy development of China, etc., respectively: “Suggestions on promoting globalization of China’s new energy automotive industry “,” Recommendations for promoting the development of fuel cell vehicles to achieve carbon peaks, carbon neutralization “,” recommendations on optimizing laws and regulations to promote smart network automotive commercialization. “

Among them, for the promotion of globalization of China Auto Industry, Wang Fengying recommends the development of global development planning of China’s new energy automotive industry in China; supporting companies with independent innovation capabilities in new energy vehicles; building independent global The supply chain system, enhance the whole new energy vehicle overall “go out” strength; expand international economic and trade cooperation, drive the company’s mutually beneficial win-win; formulate a new energy vehicle key core technology global self-protection defense mechanism.

The founder of the National People’s Congress, Xiaokang Shares, Chairman Zhang Xinghai

Financial institutions should give more traditional vehicles entering the transition

In 2021, Zhang Xinghai, the founder of the National People’s Congress, the founder of the National People’s Congress, Xiaokang Shares, and the “Suggestions on ensuring national data security, support the development of independent mobile interconnection terminal,” “” “” “” “” ” The suggestion of the car exempt from the consumption tax “” Suggestion on the high-quality development of intelligent electric vehicle enterprises “” “on encouraging support for electric motorization and construction of beautiful villages”.

Zhang Xinghai said that traditional automotive enterprises transform and upgrade to intelligent electric vehicles, and it takes hundreds of billions of funding. If companies have no powerful financial support and funding, they will fall into two difficulties. Therefore, he suggests that financial institutions have more than a traditional automotive enterprise that transforms to intelligent electric sectors, and it is necessary to increase the support from direct financing and indirect financing levels. It is recommended that banks reduce profit weights in the credit rating of such companies, or give this kind of enterprise 3 years to 5 years of rating tolerance, during this period, due to key core technology, core parts research, brand promotion and intelligent manufacturing investment The current loss is not degraded, and the enterprise credit line is not reduced.

National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Chairman of Hippocampus

Increase technology innovation conversion

The National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, the chairman of the Haijia Group, proposed three recommendations. It is “Proposal for the Prevention” of the Protection of Following and Selling “Financial Adverse Credit” “Proposal on the Establishment of Intellectual Property Investment Bank to Optimize Science and Technology Innovation Transformation Mechanism” “Xi Electronics” is the proposal of “Western Digital East”.

In terms of technological innovation transformation, Jingzhu recommends the establishment of intellectual property investment banks, intellectual property investment banks, is to create a market-based evaluation mechanism for intellectual property finance, thereby increasing the elements of technology innovation transformation. Zhang Tianshi, a representative of the National People’s Congress, Chairman of Tianneng Group

It is recommended to support battery circular economy

In this year’s national two sessions, Zhang Tianshi, the Chairman of the National People’s Congress, and Chairman of Tianneng Group submitted four proposals and 22 recommendations. The content involved in the circular economy, formulating “personal bankruptcy law” and “social credit law”, and encourage private enterprises to participate. ” The new national system “, accelerate the construction of the Yangtze River Delta industry cooperation area, strengthen the protection of intellectual property protection of small and medium-sized and medium and medium-sized enterprises.

In terms of new energy vehicle power battery recycling, Zhang Tianshi suggested strict recycling of renewable enterprises, supporting “White List” enterprises to make great strength; for the lack of reagent, it is recommended to give tax deduction, specific taxation The deduction method is to give 8% of the value-added tax deduction in terminal product sales, alleviate compliance enterprises due to the cost of processing of non-ticketing batteries; it is recommended to provide policy subsidies to compliance lithium iron phosphate regeneration use enterprises. In response to the problem of “cost inverting” in the lithium phosphate battery, the recycling shall be given a recycled disposal or tax concession according to the standards of 1500 yuan / ton to 2,000 yuan / ton to improve the positive treatment of lithium iron phosphate cells.

Liu Rupeng, a representative of the National People’s Congress, and Liu Rupeng, Chairman of Lighting

It is recommended to form a national key laboratory complex.

In 2021, Liu Rupeng, a representative of the National People’s Congress, and the Board of Light, which proposed the following suggestions, it is recommended that Shenzhen in accordance with the National Key Laboratory of Bell Laboratory Reform; It is recommended to establish a key laboratory of national defense technology.

Liu Rupeng said that only five national key laboratories in Shenzhen are operated in accordance with the model operation of the US Bell Laboratory, which is the independent laboratories relying on industries, R & D for the most significant basic science and key core technologies. These research will not only affect the technology development of the entire country in communication, Internet, national defense or life sciences, but also affect the development of these major areas, and even subversion. Therefore, Liu Rupeng suggested that Shenzhen should first try, form a national key laboratory complex, and summarize the innovation model of “Bell Lab” group to challenge the frontier of the world.

The National People’s Congress, Chairman of Wanfeng Ott Board of Directors Chen Ailian

It is recommended to encourage social investment to cultivate the air sports market.

2021 The National People’s Congress representative, the party secretary of the National People’s Congress, the party secretary of Wanfeng Ott Holdings Group, the proposal of the board of directors, the number of recommended quantities, the topic involves legal, industrial, and social. Among them, the development of my country’s aviation movement, Chen Ailian has given two recommendations from accelerating the development of aviation movement.

Chen Ailian believes that the general aviation industry is currently a strategic development period, and the aviation movement acts as a strong engine in the development of general aviation industrialization, promoting the popularity of aviation sports, will cultivate our new market in my country’s economic “double cycle” transformation and upgrading. New market, new business , New industries, new kinetic energy. She suggested that it is necessary to deepen the structural reform of the supply side of the aviation movement industry, strengthen the support of the aviation sports industry; standardize the laws and regulation management of aviation sports industry, improve the safety supervision and management system of aviation sports industry; encourage social investment to cultivate the aviation sports market, strengthen aviation Professional Talents in Sports Industry.

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