In recent years, with the majority of global countries, the new energy auto market has also shown a hot trend. The pure electric vehicle model was introduced from the earliest autonomous brand microcontrol, and the pure electric car market was introduced to the subsequent Tesla. Many big-name car companies have also begun to lay out their own new energy models, and even directly introduced special pure electric brands. Today, this car we said is the pure electric vehicle MEGANE under Renault.

Recently, netizens have exploded Renault’s new car spy photos for Megane Vision concept vehicles. The new car is a CMF-EV platform developed by Renault Nissan. From the appearance, this car uses five-door hatch-style design, inherits the elements of the concept car.

The picture above shows the appearance of the Renault Megane Vision concept car. It can be seen that although the headlights of the spy are not continuing “2” glyph design, the same narrow rectangular lamp group design. As a pure electric car, Renault Megane adopts the same closed grid design with the concept car, which does both the identity of its pure electric vehicle, making this car look more technological.

Although the side of the body is not seen too many details, the wheel can be seen from the wheel of the multi-alloy wheel design, the style and the concept car, and this car uses a hidden handle design, let the body look More coordinated and beautiful.

Since the portion of the spy photos can be seen too little, it is not possible to determine if the through-type taillight design of the concept car should be used, but it can be seen from the bottom. This new car is still in the end design of the concept car. Less difference. More specific appearance can only be known after further spy photos.

In terms of power, it is speculated that this Renault Megane pure version of the model or the dynamic system of the concept of the concept of Renault Megane Vision will be used. Equipped with 60KWH battery pack and a motor of 160kW, maximum torque 300n ยท m. The 100-kilometer speed is less than 8 seconds, WLTP Global Unified Light Cars Tests Dietary Railway Miles can reach 450km, this car expressed in the foregoing Reynolds can be found from London to Newcastle (451km). The new car is expected to be unveiled at the end of the year.

Do you look forward to this pure electric model with this color close to the concept car? Can Renault will use this pure electric model, which is popular. It may still be expected that its specific interior configuration and motivation performance. If you can be used in the interior, power is also close to the performance of the concept car, I believe there will be many owners willingly Its payment. Users who like this pure electric Renault Megane model can continue to pay attention, we will continue to pay attention to this new car.

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