Today’s car market, the fire of electric vehicles makes many people who don’t look at it, can say that in today’s auto market, electric vehicles have occupied half-Wanjiang Mountain, and there is a tendency to continue to develop. And this, many emerging car companies have made some traditional models in the process of electrification. For example, in the Chinese market, sales of Tesla, Wei came, Xiaopeng and other models have exceeded the electric models launched by many traditional car companies.

This also inspires the driving force for traditional car companies to further electricity. For example, in the second line of luxury brand in Volvo and Jaguar, these two companies have said that in the next few years, electricity is fully realized, that is, the future consumers want to buy a fuel version of Jaguar or Volvo is no longer may.

Although the wave of electrification today is inevitable, traditional car companies have seen the new energy car companies that are already trend in today, but the approach of Volvo and Jaguar is in some people seem to have some too much. So what is the reason why these two companies are so “over-excited?

Jaguar said that at home enterprises will officially become a pure electric brand in 2025, and in order to take this step, Jaguar Land Tiger is planning to reduce capacity within 5 years, and the amount of cut is as high as 25%. Volvo seems to be more thorough, and it also plans to achieve comprehensive electrification in 2025, and this is a pure tram type up to 50%. When 2030, it is completely transformed into a new energy brand. All electrified models are only sold online.

These two companies have so many people feel sorry, after all, both have a certain appeal in the fuel car market. Their transformation seems to be more helpless in some people. First of all, the main markets of these companies are European markets, and in the European market, emission standards have always been the world’s most strict, the EU requires 37.5% of carbon dioxide emissions, and it is impossible to achieve this standard. It will face a considerable amount of fine. Not only the European region, the world’s major markets will continue to improve emission standards in the face of pollution emissions, and even for a few years, it is also improving the fuel models in a few years. It seems to be helpless. .

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