The public car “I best understand the Chinese consumers”, although he heges the king of sales of China’s auto market, but since the new energy car came, the Volkswagen this overlord is more embarrassing. When other car companies are vigorously developing pure electric cars, the Volkswagen is not moving, until two years ago, Merkel Prime Minister launched a number of electric vehicle policies in Germany, the public car began to be anxious.

Tesla is too fierce! Volkswagen panic!

At this time, the electric car market has been robbed by Tesla. This scenery does not mean the sales volume, because Tesla is in the 2020 sales 499550, compared with the sales of 9.3 million sales, it is a nine bull and a hair; this scenery is Refers to the market value, Tesla’s current market value is 7-8 times the Volkswagen! The reason why Tesla market is so high is because electric vehicles are driven. In the field of electric vehicles, the public is a state of free, so the public cars panicked.

Tesla Model 3

And in the Chinese market, Tesla’s momentum is very fierce, everyone talks most of the time after the meal is still Tesla, which is afraid of Tesla’s 0 casualties, will trigger the entire public discussion, how can this? ? After all, the NO1 in the China Auto Market is the public! In the past, Chinese consumers were paying attention to and talked to the most public!

The public launched two new cars! Receive China’s lost land!

So, in order to recover China’s lost land, in order to defend the glory of his old brother, in 2021, the public car pre-sold two heavyweight new cars – Volkswagen ID.4 and Volkswagen Siyu E10X, and these two The car is hoped.

Volkswagen ID.4 series

Volkswagen Siyu E10X

Why do the Volkswagen will take the lead in launching these two cars? Because of the sales volume of China’s electric car market in recent years, the best selling is the two segment: more than 200,000 high-end compact markets, 50,000 economic truck market, the current two market segments respectively It is Tesla Model 3 and Mitsubaramine MINI EV.

The public really understands the Chinese market, seeing these two sub-markets, nothing has been amazing, and two models have been launched, respectively, respectively, against Titra Model 3 and Wuli Mingmine Mini EV.

Tesla Model 3

Wuling Hongguang MINI EV

Volkswagen ID.4 against Tesla Model, Volkswagen!

In 200,000 high-end compact markets, the mass war war will be the public id.4. The public is really the familiar mass, still adopted the “one car two type” product strategy, and distribute the public ID.4 to two models. : FAW Volkswagen ID.4 Crozz, SAIC Volkswagen ID.4x. Although these two models are from the mass MEB pure electric platform, they have been separated in shape, interior, and configuration, and currently open the pre-sale and pre-sale price between 19-280,000.

SAIC Volkswagen ID.4X

Does the public id.4 have hope to win Tesra Model 3 and Model Y? Lao Luo believes: Volkswagen. There are three reasons:

First, the public is deeply rooted in the rule of the Chinese auto market. So far, tens of millions of owners have been accumulated, and the owner’s reputation is generally good. The two words of the public are the reasons for buying, this is the power of the brand.

Second, the Volkswagen will not cut Chinese people’s leeks like Tesla. Tesla is really habitually from the Chinese market, and it is tried again, and there is still a time, and the accident is frequent, this is negative power.

Third, the public’s interior is simply a day compared to Tesla. Whether it is Tesla Model 3 or Model Y, the interior is the biggest problem, the outer number “乞丐 version”, if there is more choices, who is willing to choose “乞丐”? This is the preference of the Chinese.

FAW Volkswagen ID.4 Crozzz

Volkswagen Siyu E10X against Wuling Hongguang MINI EV, Volkswagen!

After taking more than 200,000 high-end compact markets, then look at the killers in the 50,000 yuan of economic trucks – Volkswagen Si E10X. In order to enter this market, we can maintain the mass brand image (after all, it is a public, can’t be too low, always keep a little gesture), the public is quite happy, and this E10X is launched by the company. Currently, this car began on March 7, and the pre-sale price was between 3.99-789 million.

Volkswagen Siyu E10X

Does the Volkswagen E10X have hope to win Wuling Hongguang MINI EV? Lao Luo believes: Volkswagen. The reason is the same as three:

First, Si Wei E10X is the popularity of the public. And Wuling Hongguang is a home for a van. A colleague told Lao Luo: “My mother wants to buy a small car step, first eliminating is Wuling Hongguang, because it is a bicycle, too low.”

Second, the public thinking E10X is more advanced. Regardless of the design, interior design, or the workmanship, Si Wei E10x is full, there is a strong popular style, and the overall shape is more tide, and it is obviously higher than the Wuliangmine.

Volkswagen Siyu E10X

Third, the Volkswagen Si E10X configuration invincible. If you don’t accept the public, you can understand the needs of Chinese consumers. Insid, “even if you are afraid of steps, you will never just”, in E10X, add a lot of comfort and safe configuration. (Such as a pocket, V2L / V2V externally discharge, personalized table, sports seat, mobile phone wireless charging, LCD medium control large screen and liquid crystal meter and LED headlight, TPMS, EPB, AutoHold, motor redundancy brake, front and rear Anti-collision beam, anti-collision collision suction directional pillar, latter child safety protection door lock, vehicle speed induction automatic lock, collision automatic unlock function + tail entrance Escape switch, collision automatic power power protection, pedestrian warning system VSP, etc. Everything should be all.) Volkswagen Si E10X

Summary: This one is over, it will be found that the public in order to recover the Chinese market, it is really painful, touch Chinese consumers, whether it is the public id.4 or the public Siyu E10X, it is close to China consumption The needs of people, as for the heart of Chinese consumers, we will wait and see.

Volkswagen Siyu E10X

Volkswagen Siyu E10X

Volkswagen Siyu E10X

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