If you say anyone who is most hot in the new energy market in the first two years, a street car that has to be mentioned, it is Tesla Model 3. It continues to sell millions, and it has become a leader in the new energy market. In view of its hot market, Tesla even puts a super factory in China, comprehensive domesticization. After domesticization, sales have been further improved, and the new energy market champion will have a stable market. It takes a long time, as a new energy god, let Tesla Model 3 are not there, it is macro Mini EV.

Although the macro Mini EV is not long, it is very fast to sell thousands of times, and become a black horse on the new energy market. In 2021, the first show, Hongguang Mini EV continued to lead the new energy market with a huge advantage, and its sales sales exceed 30,000 markings in January, and reached 36,762, and became the first new energy car with more than 30,000 units. After the production capacity climbing is stable, the macro Mini EV is already the general existence of God in the field of micro electric vehicles.

On March 4, we learned from SAIC’s General Wuling, and a new record of the global single new energy model sales of the Global Single New Energy Model: 200 days in the new car, sales exceed 200,000 mark, becoming a global small new energy vehicle Sales record creator. This series of record data is indicating that the macro MINI EV has become a car circle when the red hot chicken.

The author believes that the hot sale of Hong Kong MINI EV has three, and the reason is there. It is a super high price / performance price, the price of 2.88 million yuan, refreshes people to purchase a car, and the second outstanding convenience, Such a microcontrol, there are four seats, the family is completely unpleasant, so it is better to stop, absolutely true incense, its three ultra-low use car costs, in addition to buying a million yuan, province It is insurance and charging, especially charging, charging is not only convenient, but also a few cents in a kilometer, make people admire.

With the theme “The theme” of “Putting, Dai Chao Chaochuching Festival – the Little Paradise”, let the author refreshed the awareness of this truck again. At the event, there are more than one hundred alone, the minor Miniev tide car shines, more than one hundred owners and superman and their car are all shine together, let this trolley become new equipment for young fashion and socialization, and pioneered China ‘s New Energy Car Charter Culture.

In addition, in the event site, Wuling official also announced Wuling × PANTONE Universe (Cai Tong) world authority color agency jointly released Wuling Chun color (white powder, butter fruit green, lemon yellow), Mingbi brand will apply to Hongguang MINIEV in Minglings, Define new fashion. This also allows the Wuling brand to become the first national car brand that is united in Pantone Universe (Cai Tong).

The author believes that the sales of macro Mini EVs, in addition to convenient and utility and ultra cost-effective, there is still a little fashion personality, allowing owners to create a car belonging to himself.

It is more crazy in the light of the domestic product. In January 2021, it broke a global single new energy model sales champion with 36,762 sales. The online 200,000 sales volume exceeded 200,000 units, which also means that the average daily sales after the listing was 1,000, which also made it a global small new energy vehicle sales record creator. After the new car is launched, Mitsubishi built 215 Mitsubishi new energy experience stores in 185 cities, and the channel construction has been super strong.

Through the data released by this event, the author’s data released: Hong Kong miniev’s 90 users account for 72%, and the female owner accounts for more than 60%, the highest sales in Shanghai, sales of more than 4,200 sales.

Although it is a mini car of 28,800 yuan, it is a stylish attribute that makes it a “big toy” in the eyes of the adults, making it a young fashion social gear.

At this event, the author saw that there were more than one hundred tidal version of Hong Kong miniev. In addition to making changes in appearance, interior, even some models have changed in wheels, sound, power, etc.

The author also went to visit several beautiful macro Miniev owners who participated in the changing. By communication with their exchanges, the author has a more deep understanding and understanding of the owner of the new generation of 90 or even 95, and also understands these young people to consume. The demands.

A female owner from the 90s from Nanning, Guangxi, said: This Hong Kong MINI EV is the second car at home, and another car is a joint venture brand of more than 300,000, and the oversized body is for a girl. It is not very convenient, she is not very proficient to the car, but I like the car, I want a car that belongs to my own, my own demand for the car is a step by step, and it is easy to use, in line with my own needs. So I changed my mind to my mind.

On the spot, the same situation like Guangxi women’s owner is not a small number. As a Hong Kong MINI EV of the second car and even the third car, playing “big toys” role in his family, for the rising new generation, they Through its own transportation, it demonstrates self-sufficiency, and the tidal macro Miniev has become an export of individuality of the young people. Macro Miniev, which is up to 72%, has also become a new energy car in China’s tide, which is invisible to macro Miniev and the user’s distance, but also makes the user’s identity is stronger, invisible The brand of Wuling. “The gorges of the big people” became the super IP subject of Hong Kong miniev. This tide creation ceremony is not only the stage of the owner to show personalities. At the same time, it is also the heavens and the earth who exchanges, but the understanding and hobbies of the car will give Wuling users together. . Here, you can communicate with each other through tidal or modified topics. Here, you can feel the unlimited charm of Hong Kong MINI EV to the owner. If you are a young person pursuing personality, you also need a city to shoot, then a beautiful choice that makes you freely playing Hong Kong MINI EV may be a good choice.

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