On March 4th, * ST Zhongtai once again staged a hand-stop, reported 3.3 yuan, rising 5.1%. “Taoist said car” editor noted that from 12 trading days since February 9th, Zhongtai has 12 sets.

Previously, the share price of Zhongtai was repeatedly issued an abnormal wave announcement of stock transactions, reminding investors to pay attention to risk, but from the stock price trend, this reminder does not seem to play. Recently, the “Overespotausal Bulletin Announcement” is also upgraded to the “Notice of Stock Trading Risk Tips”. On the evening of March 3 and night, Zhongtai issued two consecutive issues “stock trading risk tips”. Zhongtai pointed out in the announcement, 2020 due to the lack of liquidity, the whole vehicle production is almost stagnant, and the business income is mainly derived from the sales of auto parts. Iron Bull Group has not yet received performance compensation, and 310 million non-operating funds are not returned.

It’s hard to imagine that a car enterprise that is caught in the business crisis has been rising in a row of capital markets.

Enterprise crisis is deeply nearly 10 billion losses

It is a strong comparison with the Changtai stock price, which is a strong comparison of the current operating conditions. According to the 2020 performance preview, Zhongtai Automobile’s operating income is 1.2 billion yuan to 1.6 billion yuan, and the net profit of shareholders attributable to listed companies is 6 billion yuan to 9 billion yuan.

For loss, Zhongtai Automobile said in 2020 performance previews that 2020 is affected by the shortage of funds, the company is basically discontinued, semi-stopped, and the company’s main product car production is not large, total sales revenue Lower, causing the company’s 2020 business performance than a large loss.

At the same time, the company’s main business car vehicle business is on the discontinuation, semi-stop production, the company’s proposed large-scale asset impairment preparation and bad debts preparation are about 3.5 billion yuan to 6.5 billion yuan, so the company’s 2020 overall performance loss is huge .

In fact, the crisis faced by Zhongtai is far more than this. On the evening of January 31, Zhongtai release announcement pointed out that according to the relevant provisions of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Listing Rules (2020 Revision) “, the company has been negatively valued, or” cannot be expressed ” Opinions, the company’s stock will continue to be implemented in the 2020 annual report. That is to say, Shandan, which is skyrocketing, is not only facing huge losses, but also is still in the market.

In addition, due to the bankruptcy of the Thai Pharma Celebrity Group, Zhongtai can receive performance compensation is also full of uncertainty. On March 4, Zhongtai stock trading risk tips announced that Zhongtai’s net profit of the non-regular profit and loss of the mother shareholders in Jami 2016-2019 and the net profit of the profit or loss produced by the support raised funds was -122,8276,100 yuan, completed the results commitment -21.03%. Up to now, the Iron Group has not repayed performance compensation.

White knight unsuccessful channel news

Thai stock prices full of crisis rose speed, what is the logic behind? Industry insiders pointed out that Zhongtai stock price is crazy or related to its reforming related messages.

On January 11th, Zhongtai released the “Progress Announcement on Public Recruitment Investors” pointed out that on September 23, 2020, Zhongtai Automobile and Pre-rejuvenation Manager issued an announcement of public recruitment of investors, and the deadline for registration was October 2020. 30 days. Although there is no intention of investors officially submit registration materials during the deadline of the announcement of investors. However, after the registration deadline is full, many intentional investors will come to participate in the pre-reintegration / reforming. On December 25, 2020, there is an intentional investor to sign the “Secrecy Agreement” and the pre-rejuvenation manager. Another intentional investor signs the “Secret Agreement” and “Interested Agreement”. The two intentional investors have paid the corresponding confidentiality margin and intentional deposit, and they started to carry out specific due diligence after payment. At the same time, there are other potential investors and pre-rejuvenating managers being in contact.

In fact, after this news appeared, the people who have been quiet in the capital market have been glow, and even if there are stockings whispered 5 yuan for the short-term short, 10 yuan to see the long line.

It is worth mentioning that although Zhongtai did not announce intention to reform the investor’s related situation, no reforming progress is announced, but the platforms and other platforms have repeatedly appear. A netizen posted: “State-owned 40 billion has arrived, 2 big gratites are doing the issue of Thai acquisition, the white knight is on the road.” More netizens pointed out that the Thai pickup is Geely. As shown below

Recently, Zhongtai stock price trend has become a realist, 12 consecutive wrench “achievements” are never seen before. Does Zhongtai really have more than many investors? Is there a multi-time stock trading risk tip to be ignored?

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