Since the first oil and electric hybrid model in 1997, Toyota has an exclusive, unmanned enemy.

This clever technology allows automotive electric technology to get a preliminary use of large-scale use, and more tens of millions of sales and power system zero failure are the most successful highlights of Toyota Supox System.

This once is the best solution to reduce fuel consumption and emissions, Toyota’s long-term monopoly of this system patent, and rapid improvement in automobile emission standards in all regions of the world, has been destined to become a mainstream power system.

Invention Hybrid Hybrid System, the Toyota Motors who won future development opportunities for fuel vehicles, is becoming the only object of global governments and car enterprises.

In addition to the Toyota Double Operation, there is also the E-Power increase in the Toyota Double Operation, from the E-Power increase in Naudi, from the plug-in hybrid car to the pure electric car, electric technology The attachment is gradually occupying the main position.

In 2020, Toyota once again surpassed the public to become the first car company in the world, and the location of Toyota Global Auto Enterprise has never been shaken, which is mostly in Toyota to the existing technology. The squeextile use, the indifferent to the new technology.

If there is a strong strength and Toyota market in the fuel car market, the public is fully electrified, ID. The full range of concept models will be announced, and the public is quantified and delivered. The public has occupied the world’s traditional car enterprise electric The leading position of the transformation.

In the European market, Toyota’s full models have reached the mixing of oil and electricity, but in this preferred small car and new energy cars, Tesla and the public have already have the first advantage, and began to occupy the market, Toyota is almost unsure. .

In the US market, Toyota has already disclosed entry-level Yaris models. The leading PRIME PRIME plug-in mixing vehicle has been drained dramatically from the pure electric car of Tesla, Nissan and other car companies, no power.

All regions in the world will be announced in two or 30 years, and the Toyota oil and electricity mixing model will undoubtedly unable to meet higher emission standards and have to be abandoned, or upgraded to have more pure electric life. Plug-in mixing car.

Future, Toyota bet is also required by the Mirai model, and the pure electric vehicle also requires infrastructure support. The construction of hydrogen stations is more trouble more than charging station, and it takes longer time, and then In addition, there is no support of the global car, maybe it may become mainstream power.

The mainstream automobile markets such as the United States, Europe and China continue to improve automotive energy saving and power reduction and emission standards, and electric vehicles in Europe and the Chinese market have entered the rapid development period, and the Japanese market of Toyota Camp has begun to tighten car emissions. Relevant policies, let Toyota abdominal back is enemy.

If the traditional fuel car market, the global car companies are fighting for you in the same circle, and Toyota almost an almost 11 oil-electric hybrid technology and hydrogen fuel cell technology. The global car enterprise begins to differentiate into comprehensive electricity and Toyota. Two big camps.

Encircling Toyota, not only a major event of global car companies, but also became the choice of worldwide, even in Toyota opened a patent.

Even if the rapid development of pure electric vehicles, Toyota oil and electricity mixing systems still have vitality, and there is a preference of the market, but only by Toyota will not support the global market.

Under the large background of the global market, Toyota’s pure electric vehicles currently have only the Chinese market exclusive C-HR EV and the platform of Lexus UX 300E, plug-in mixing model, except for the world In addition to the model Prime and Rav4 Prime, the Chinese market has exclusive previous generation Carolla and Rayling Double Enginee E +.

Tesla’s pure electric car has reached 500,000, and millions of sales have been referred to by the day, and the mass MEB pure power platform is the ID. The series models have been officially produced, and the third, fourth Accelerate the pace of mass production.

In the first year of the electric car of the traditional car enterprise in 2021, the first pure electric vehicle under the Toyota New E-TNGA platform will start in the European market. At the same time, General, Nissan Renault, modern, Honda and other new pure electric vehicles. It will also be officially available this year.

When Toyota began to start in a pure electric car, it still needs to consider its oil-electricity mix and hydrogen fuel cell models. Compared to all other car companies in the world, all of the ALL IN is fully entered into attitude. Toyota is almost occupied. Not cheap.

Encircling Toyota, is not a vigorous war, but the war of various major cars and governments around the world, Toyota is defeated in this more enemy war.

Of course, Toyota’s killing weapons, is true to the world’s first size volume, but this body will become Toyota’s stumbling block, or the new starting point of the breakthrough, mainly to see Toyota’s choice.

We can’t make a prediction of the world’s first car enterprise, but we hope that Toyota is the latter, because there is already too many car companies to fall into trouble and die, we don’t want Toyota will repeat the same mistakes, so that the fuel car era will disappear.

So, in the war of Toyota, where will you stand? Is it a heavy hammer, or struggle?

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