Last year Tesla Model 3 and BYD Han EV proves the application potential of lithium iron phosphate batteries in high-end 2C electric vehicles. This year, there will be more electric vehicles on the lithium iron phosphate battery in China.

Which cars are replacing iron lithium?

According to incomplete statistics, the BYD Dynasty is fully replaced; Xiaopeng G3 and P7 are newly introduced, equipped with lithium iron phosphate batteries; Hongqi E-QM5 will be equipped with Chongqing Fudi production blade battery; Tesla intentionally The battery life model is all exchanged iron lithium battery; Renault 5 will newly charge the lithium version …

Most of these car companies use CTP LFP programs, namely no modules or large-module techniques for lithium iron phosphate cells, so that the system energy density reaches the level of 5 series three-dollar cells, while minimizing the reducing. That is, in the case where the energy density is not reduced, the core of this is achieved.

If the tax price is not included in the CTP LFP battery is 0.7 yuan / WH, the ternary battery is 0.85 yuan / WH as parameters. When an electric car uses the difference between different types of batteries, it is 150 yuan per degree. The higher the charge, the higher the battery, the greater the difference.

BYD Han EV sells low to 229,800 yuan, Tesla Model 3 standard endurance version is reduced by 2.715 million to 249,900 yuan, on the one hand, considering the impact of subsidies and opponents, on the other hand, iron phosphate Lithium batteries have also given them more operating space.

Xiaopeng P7 This new entry level considers the vehicle weight and model design, the battery capacity is limited, only 60.2 kWh of lithium iron phosphate battery. The replacement of the battery has caused its battery to reduce the end-level, the long-term, and the diverse is reduced by 100km. However, accordingly, the difference between the version P7 and the rear drowning life, the difference is about 18,000 yuan, so the price can be pulled down to 200,000 yuan.

However, Xiaopeng has no intention to sell the price, but increase the intelligent configuration – xpilot 2.5, raise the price to 229,900 yuan. Thus, the same price, consumers can choose from low, but intelligent configurations are richer, or have high-rise but intelligent configuration.

Xiaopeng G3’s lithium iron phosphate version is the same as the three-dimensional version of the versions, 460km, the battery capacity is 1.6 degrees, and the external configuration and internal configuration have not changed. Xiaopeng did not quotation for this version of G3, and the price was still 149,800 yuan after the subsidy. From the effect of the new car listing, the lithium iron phosphate battery did not bring about the topic and freshness of G3.

The red flag E-QM5 and Renault 5 are not listed, but do not hinder us to explore their intention of iron lithium. Red Flag E-QM5 is a power to enter the travel service market in Hongqi. Take the network to put the market, and the car companies will focus on its cost and safety. The blade battery has passed the confidence of other car companies through the test of Han EV and BYD Dynasty.

Lithium Renault 5 Lithium Edition is the purpose of Renault to create a profitable, user affordable electric vehicle. Renault wished to pull its price below 20,000 euros to resist China’s electric vehicles in Europe.

Accelerate penetration in global

Xiaopeng, Tesla, BYD, and Hongqi and other high-end models entry-level version of the battery type replacement, accelerating the recovery of iron lithium battery demand.

The change in the amount of three-dimensional lithium and iron lithium installation in 2020 has made an interpretation of this trend.

In terms of battery type, according to the data of the China Automotive Industry Association, January-December 2020, three yuan lithium batteries totaled 38.9GWH, accounting for 61.1%, accumulated by 4.1%; lithium iron phosphate battery installed 24.4GWH, accounting 38.3%, accumulated by 20.6%.

It can be seen that although the low temperature performance of toned lithium is exposed during the use of Model 3 and Han EV, it is highlighted in the context of subsidies, and its cost advantage is highlighted, and lithium iron phosphate permeability is expected to increase. Hua’an Securities Investigation Forecast, in 2021, it is expected to increase by 80% year-on-year.

Although it is difficult to shake the status of three yuan in the high-end electric vehicle market, iron lithium is in a new choice for high-end entry levels with the cost and safety advantages of the material.

In addition, from Tesra Model 3 Tiolipy Edition to European customers, now Renault has intentionally launched iron lithium-edition electric vehicles, and further promotes the “outline” of lithium iron phosphate battery. [End]

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