Enteruring 2021, domestic cars have ushered in great growth after the Spring Festival holiday. Not only many companies have doubled; the same, because the proportion of new energy vehicles is more and more, so that domestic cars have a steady transition in the steering of new energy vehicles, this can’t be said, it is a domestic car market for the new year. Brought a big hope!

However, with the price war in Tesla and BMW through the response of the official land, many uncertainties in the new year’s automotive market have also been created. Its price reduction is also ranging from the past. Its reason has both competition problems caused by price cuts; there is also a negative impact of price reduction, these are in a short period of time! It is worth mentioning that the price war is the first to form in the new energy vehicle market. It is indeed unsolute that it will be unable to bring challenges to the domestic new forces car companies. It also makes the domestic cars fully realize that the car There is a new challenge in the market. It is not as simple as the market value, but it is indeed a small view of the competition of the car and enterprises.

What kind of consequences will not cause price war?

It is obviously not ignored for the price war out of the new energy vehicle field. In particular, Tesla, the price of the new car, but not only the pattern of the current car price, but also gave a dramatic vibration to the development of domestic cars! The existence of these phenomena is a kind of price reduction method for the new product, but carefully, it is indeed the sharing of domestic cars to new energy car pricing systems! Once the correspondence is unfavorable, it will not only form an unfavorable situation in the short term; it will make long-term impacts, which may be the key to the new energy car price war!

Others don’t say, since Tesla play the price war, the best is the best-selling of Tesla products, from the sales volume of January, due to the continuous proportion of Tesla price, make the model sales At once, I reached a state in which a burst was formed. There is even a phenomenon of user squeezing predetermined thresholds. The contrast is to form the contrast, which is the same as the unsubscribe of the car, which is very easy to see the problems brought by the price war. Despite, it is difficult to change from Tesla, but the real sales issue is difficult to change. It is not difficult to see that Cathla is never followed by so much, but it needs to be responded according to its own characteristics.

Similarly, in response to the problem of price war, BMW hit the official landing method. This official drop is based on the overall price reduction of 70,000 yuan, but also retains the price reduction space of the terminal price! According to reason, as a high-end car like BMW, it is enough to give a lot of surprises to consumers, but because of the difference between competitors, it has not given this kind of strength! The reason is that in terms of new energy vehicles, BMW has lost the strength of technology, which gives it to a great extent of BMW new cars, which is more difficult to be favored by consumers. Therefore, Tesla continues to provoke the price war within a short period of time, not only to address the opponent of the new forces! It is necessary to eat more big-name car companies including traditional enterprises. This may be the most cruel side of the new year price!

Why is it unwise to find Tesla quality short board?

It can be said that due to the domestic car competition, it has not been cultivated into a reasonable competition order, and some car companies have developed a competition, they are willing to find the opponent’s short board, so that they are in relatively beneficial in competition. status. Such competitive features may have been able to get certain effects before, but in the face of the competition of the new energy vehicle market, it is easy to invalid! Even, it will cause the result of moving the stone. Just like BMW in order to compete with Tesla, it is not only launched a big hand in the official drop, but also, from the top, it also caught the short board of Tesla quality problems! The result is that it is pushing down to its own quality problems, so that he has become a little hard!

Others don’t say, with this year, Brilliance BMW recalls X3 and IX3, so people’s quality of BMW! The reason why the recall is the problem of installation of car seat belts, which may bring consumers to bring security hidden dangers! In this way, people know the quality of the BMW car, undoubtedly playing a lot! And the BMW boss always hangs Tesla quality problems behind the mouth, but hit his face! In contrast, Tesla has been in the past, and this is the lack of quality, and Tesla has such a lack of quality, but still treats ordinary consumers with a standard, which makes people give Tesla. Very big test and wrong space! In addition, Tesla has full cost performance, which naturally has great attractions to consumers!

Similarly, as a domestic car company, it is necessary to change the way to find the opponent’s flaws in the past, but it takes more points to see the advantages of the opponent and find a response from itself. In other words, it is to find Tesla’s advantage to attract consumers, and do Bitzla is still good, is the key to respond to Tesla continued challenges in the new stage! Otherwise, when Tesla dares to rely on price cuts, when we attract consumers, we are really helpless!

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