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At the beginning of the year, JDPower released the 2021 car reliability research list, the list is very interesting, the first few in the list last year, there have been some small changes, such as 2020, the first Jieji, this year Squeezed the eighth place, and ranked second in Lexus last year, returned to the list.

Instead, several brands of the crane, the score is quite “stable”, such as the last year’s last year, the last year of the road is ranked first this year (Tesla is not included in the statistics this year, so there is only a reference significance) Last year, the number three of the countdown in 186pp100 was ranked third in 186pp100 this year.

If you express it, you don’t say it, talk about several students at the end of the crane.

Combining the list of J. D.Power, we can find that the rankings of Jaguar Land Rover have been in a countdown, in other words, their quality control and quality are not in the past year or two.

“The uncomfortable road to the tiger, the open Toyota” is enough to see the dissatisfaction of domestic consumers on its quality.

In recent days, the CEO of Jaguar Land Tiger Tiery Bologuel is a recognized quality in public, he said: He said: because consumers have concerns about product quality, leading to the Jaguar Land Rover annually. Sales of 100,000 vehicles.

According to the official data of Jaguar Land Rover, 2020 Jaguar Land Tigo sells 425,974 new cars in a total of 2020, a year-on-year decline in a year-on-year decline, and the potential sales of 100,000 vehicles are self-evident for Jaguar Land Roles.

It is precisely because of this reason, Tiery Bologue said that the Jaguar Land Tiger will take the quality of the product quality as the primary task of restarting the Jaguar Land Tiger.

In my impression, the Jaguar Land Tiger started to walk in the country in China should be around 2018. At that time, the new car of Jaguar was launched in the new car market, while the old models did not force, such as finding The price of Shenxing and Range Rover 2018 was 300,200 and 10,300,000, fell 29.57% and 45.95% compared to 2017.

Of course, sales decline is just a representation, and the deeper reason is that the brand image of Jaguar Land Rover has been seriously crisis.

According to the publicly reported data, 2017, Jaguar Land Tiger launched 8 recalls in China, involving 106,000 vehicles; 2018 calls for 7 times, involving 107,000 vehicles.

Of course, this is only a Jaguar Land Tiger’s number of icebergs in the domestic recall. There is a media teacher on the Internet. After domestic, the Jaguar Land Tiger will have at least 126,600, accounting for 43.2% of the total domestic sales, nearly half of the market. There is a quality problem in the car.

It is not a pot of domestic, in fact, the latest generation of road tigers (full-line imports), which are also exposed, and consumers at home and abroad have lofty power from the beginning of the car, brush After the software, the reversing image is abnormal, and the highway is opened on the road.

It can be seen that whether domestic or overseas, the guards have different degrees of electronic system failure.

The current car market is dazzling, the choice of consumers is indeed rich, but the quality problem is always the first point of consumers. If the most basic quality is not guaranteed, then the first one is 0, then There are many 1.

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