On March 3, after the phosphate version of Xiaopeng P7 released, @ 不 看 车 has issued a short message “lithium phosphate version of Xiaopeng P7, 280 kilometers, 100 kilometers, 6.7 seconds. Dare to sell 229,900, It is also no one. And Domestic Tesla Model 3 (468 km, 5.6 seconds) is only 20,000, what is the reason not to buy Tesla? “

In such a message, it attracted N many people as Xiaopeng Bus Station. I really don’t know that their fans are competing, or I am staring by their water army. Some of the elections, let’s see if they say it.

“??? Tesla is so cattle? Where is it? Is there a bullion? Xiaopeng is not weak, the auxiliary driving is not weak, Tesla is still more than 60,000 upgrades, only one free color , Change color 8000, the price is better than Xiao Peng, there is any reason not to buy Tesla. 丐 版 特斯拉 有 有 买 买. 要 要 没 没. “

“Tesla M3 is all 丐 版”

“Xiaopeng’s cost-effective ratio is Bitesla, Tesla is also a US company, and it is hanging in China.”

“What is the speed of acceleration? Is it going to rush into the toilet? [Laughter R] Better intelligent experience, driving comfort with more exquisite interior.”

“Tesla is also a brand of large color TV,” smile R] “

“Tesla is not to watch the car standard [smile R]”

“Xiaopeng’s automatic driving is not smashed, the workmanship is hanging Testla, and now Tesla is still the brand.”

“The distance of running is almost, why do you want to buy Tesla, minor Xiaopeng works and quality than Tesla in the case of 20,000 yuan?”


The above content is all from the same link. Is it a little cult feeling?

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