I have to say that over time, our life has gradually changed, and all walks of life are also the case, and there is constant changes. The automotive industry is also the same. When the fuel truck is in a large way, who can think of today’s car market has new pet? The rise of new energy cars is definitely not accidental. It is important to know that the development of new energy is not only promoted in our country, and new energy vehicles worldwide are hot topics.

Then, the reason why the new energy car has today’s development, do you know the reasons behind? Today, the author analyzes from two angles, why the future automotive industry is a new energy world.

Energy saving and environmental protection

Why do you have customized timelines from the world’s none, this is because oil resources can be exhausted. If the car continues to use gasoline, the future may occur in the future, or the price of oil prices will skyrocket. Standing in a domestic point of view, 70% of domestic oil is imported, and if it can be changed to electricity, you can save a lot of money in energy costs. In addition, the exhaust gas discharged from the fuel truck has a serious impact on the environment of the city. He has a negative impact on the global environment and global warming.

Brand Development

Throughout the energy-saving and environmental protection, the development of new energy from my country is also a tendency to develop new energy from the automotive industry. Throughout the history of automobile development, my country’s automobile research and development, production is already in a backward position. Because of this, domestic cars will work hard to work hard, and the luxury brand has long been occupied by foreign car brands, and the domestic car companies will be spit. In this case, it is not only unfavorable to car companies, but also is also unfavorable to the domestic automobile environment.

In the case of traditionally lack of tradition, it can only achieve the development of domestic auto brand development. As we all know, new energy vehicles are mainly electrified, while electric vehicles do not need gearboxes, do not need engines, which also makes up for the shortcomings of domestic technology. With the new power of the car, Xiaopeng is also proved by his strength, the domestic new energy automobile technology is not behind the joint venture brand. From the influence of the brand, it will be able to sell 500,000-level ES8, enough to prove to you, the domestic car can also sell the price of a luxury car.

In summary, it is the reason why domestic new energy is promoted. At the same time, you are welcome to leave a message below, talk about your views on domestic new energy vehicles.

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