After experiencing the large decline in stock prices for 6 consecutive days, the Land and Buildings, Structure, Treasury Matters, which were released on February 9, as well as the announcement released on February 19 on the sale of US factories on February 19 seems to open a small Word shares The stock price of the stock price has risen more than 75% from February 10th.

In fact, from November 13 last year, the stock of Xiaokang Shares has repeatedly staged the rising rising rolling, and the stock price that is suddenly a lot of hearts are uneasy. Which of the shares of Xiaokang Shares will have such a bizarre fluctuating, and even by some investors called the “demon stock” of the car sector?

“Taoist said car” editor noted that from November 13th to February 25, 202, in 69 working days, Xiaokang Shares with new energy vehicle concept was 63. The announcement is large, and it is never seen before. The car analyst lesions said that from mid-November last year, Jinkang’s new energy, please visit the vice president of CITIC Jianbao Securities Research and Development Department. Yu Haikun, the auto industry analyst Yu Haikun, is responsible for the resentment and marketing of Jinkang New Energy Sails SERES, Xiaokang The operation of the shares in the capital market is not a general intensive. Among the previous announcements, both government subsidies are also non-public issued stocks, and even land, building storage and universal overseas factories, etc., all kinds of news are coming. These messages have a certain extent to promote the stock price of Xiaokang Shares to quickly rebound quickly and reciprocate.

“Tao Ge said the car” editor noted that in the previous 63 announcements, the largest ratio is the announcement of the abnormal stock transaction. Each stock price will release an announcement on the abnormal stock trading.

The editorial impression is the most impressed, the announcement released on January 27 reminds investor rational investment, mentioned that the sales volume of new energy passenger passengers in 2020 is 9,336, including 3,851 sales of Jinkang’s new energy, current new energy vehicles The company’s business income is relatively low. The sector business has not yielded profit, and the future is affected by market competition patterns and market demand. The performance of the sector has uncertainty. In particular, in the third quarter of 2020, the net profit belonging to listed companies is -72,5459,400 yuan, and the performance has fallen sharply.

How does such a low performance of the smuggling of the smart share price? A famous investment community said that “Taoist said the car” said that it means a deep long: “Fried stocks, why bother?”

The stock price is like a “demon stock” in Xiaokang Shares

It is not difficult to see from the stock price chart of Xiaokang Shares. Since November 13, last year, the stock price of Xiaokang Shares is like a roller coaster, and it is over. “Taoist said car” editor notes, each time the well-off share is a good announcement, and its share price increases rapidly, but it will continue soon. such as:

On December 10, last year, Xiaokang Shares released some shares of the controlling shareholder, and the Xiaoyang shares rose nearly one-third in three trading days. But then, its share price quickly slipped.

On January 25 this year, Xiaokang Shares released a new surveillance system-hump intelligent extension system, as well as the Sails SF5 free expedition model based on the set system, and proposed NEDC operating conditions more than 1000km concept. This is also the next, Guangqi Yan, Shang SA, and another electric car company that can reach 1000 kilometers of battery life. Xiaokang Shares have launched four daily limit after January 25, and then the stock price fell.

After the stock price of Xiaokang Shares fell 6 days, it opened a new round of rising on February 10, which may be affected by a new round of good news. On the evening of February 9, Xiaokang Shares released the progress of the company’s land and buildings and structural storage. It is pointed out that the company has completed the storage of the plot, a total of 58,496,900 yuan, expected It will affect the company’s 2021 net profit for approximately $ 49,5106,600. Since then, the stock price of Xiaokang Shares has begun to rise rapidly. This time, Xiaokang Shares did not fall quickly, but because of the news again.

On February 19th, Xiaowang Shares announced that the subsidiary SERES SERES SERES has signed an intent protocol with ELM, Forum Merger III Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Forum), SERES is selling $ 145 million at the EVAP plant in the United States. Give ELM and provide product authorization to ELM. Among them, in terms of product licensing, Xiaokang shares will have the EC35 and D51 two electric vehicle products to ELM production, obtain these two models of technical documents, but ELM not only pays $ 5 million product license, the top 10 The million models also need to pay the product license by 100 US dollars per car.

Depending on the delivery conditions agreed, ELM will purchase an EVAP factory in the way of installment. In the future, ELM will be incorporated into Forum through the SPAC, ELM will issue 5 million licensed stocks to SERES, and can be traded in NASDAQ.

At first glance, this seems to be just a proper house property rights and technical property rights trading. Small-Kang shares have brought their own models to the US market through technology output, but this transaction also involves the capital market level. After all, SERES may harvest 500 Wan Xicoto stock. This news even made a well-off share in the consecutive decline in the stock price of other new energy vehicles. Wang Rongjin, Jinbang Capital Partner, told the “Taoist Case” editor, may be a concrete SPAC concept, which will make Xiaokang shares have been rising, and last year is 13-17 billion, not so sought after by the market.

New energy business is short enough to support the stock price?

The rise in the stock price of this round of Well-Wen shares may be due to the potential benefits of selling the US factory, but can this only support the stock price of well-off shares?

It is understood that Xiaokang Shares have invested in new energy vehicles, and financial data shows that in September 2018 and September 2018, the R & D investment in Xiangkang Shares has accumulated more than 4 billion yuan, most of which are used for smart electric vehicle brand Sails R & D. On January 26, Xiaokang Shares added an increasing announcement to raise funds of 2.593 billion yuan, used in Sails model development, marketing channel construction and supplementary liquidity. But from the effect, these inputs are currently effective.

Sails’s first model Sails SF5 sales bleak, data shows that in 2020, the sales of Jinkang’s new energy is 3,851, the same as the extension electric vehicle, the ideal car ideal one in the same period is as high as 3,2624, ie SF5 year sales also wonders one month sales.

In addition, according to Xiaokang Shares 2020 performance pre-loss announcement, Xiaokang shares expects 5020 return to $ – 1.38 billion to -1.78 billion yuan. Among them, the impact of intelligent electric vehicle plates on return profits of return is -13 billion yuan. Obviously, Jinkang New Energy is dragged behind the Well-Word Shares.

However, in such a context, Saisi invited the vice president of the original China Xinxin Society Securities Securities Research and Development Department, and the auto industry analyst Yu Haikun is a CEO, which is responsible for the resentment and marketing of Kim Kang New Energy. Work, compared to the past, the new power is passionate about the practice of excavating people from the car.

It is understood that On January 25, Yu Haikun appeared in the listing conference in the Sails SF5 free expedition, but there was no big action before or after this. So can Yahai Kun let Jinkang’s new energy and the race brand go on the right track?

“Tao Ge said the car” editorial notes, Yuhaikun joined the CITIC CCB Securities in 2017. It is quite famous in the industry, but its experience in auto resentment is not very rich, at least than some from traditional car companies. In the high management of new forces, they have lacking in terms of experience. In fact, in the past, there were examples of securities analysts to join the new forces, but not the CEO of the resentment and marketing, such as 2019, the original analyst of the original China Golden Co., the auto industry, JF Jixai served as the Chief Financial Officer CFO.

The car analysts said that in accordance with the experience, media people, securities analysts or non-automotive marketing talents join traditional auto companies, responsible for comprehensively operate less successful cases.

So, what is the sister? A famous investment person said to the “Taoist car” editor, Jinkang’s new energy, please come to the capital market to be responsible for the company’s business, naturally you want to harvest more in the capital market. From the current results, this goal is achieved.

Will there be a relatively good development prospect? In the capital market? Non-named car engineers revealed to “Taoist said car” editor, “went to visit Jinkang’s new energy. From the perspective of new energy products, Jinkang’s new energy is compared with it, ideal and Xiaopeng still have some gaps. Innovation It is not as good as those in thinking. ” In this regard, Jinkang’s new energy may still have a greater effort for your future.

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