From the most beginning of the traditional business, the independence of today’s electrical, intelligent business, and component business has not been disconnected. After independence, companies have begun to think about how to improve organizational architecture, enhance technology competitiveness, financing, and market expansion.

Independence, it seems to be an eternal topic, which is always going.

Like many car companies, the Great Wall has been seeking independence of parts business. It has become more and more independent business since 2018, and the movements are getting bigger and bigger.

Independent Road for Great Wall Parts Business

The independence of the Great Wall Parts, in 2018, in 2019, the climax is reached, from chassis, power systems, automobiles to electric drives, batteries and automatic driving, basic core components are independent.

The traditional business itself is the strength of the Great Wall. It is still dominated by the Great Wall, and the external customers are part, but it is less.

According to the data disclosed in Great Wall, the parts companies (here only including honeycomb easy, Nobo Auto, Seiko Auto, Mande Electronic Electric Appliances) and other parts of the income creating in the first half of the year of 3956 billion yuan, accounting for The whole vehicle sales revenue is about 12%.

Although traditional parts business specifically, we have not known, but it can be determined that this part of the business has indeed created a practical source of income to Great Wall.

Therefore, in addition to the Great Wall, traditional parts business will also need to explore more external customers.

As for automatic driving, hydrogen energy, power battery, current state in the primary stage of building products and looking for customers.

According to the Great Wall planning, the first SUV of the unpatient energy 95kW passenger car fuel cell will be mass production in 2021.

The honeycomb energy of the main battery business is currently very radical on the production layout. The time in Saar, Saar, Germany, Sichuan, Sichuan, and Zhejiang Huining, which is obviously super-layout compared to the current order situation. A large part, but the development of international customers is very advantageous for the Great Wall.

The automatic driving business is mainly in the end of the company, and his predecessor is the smart driving forward part of the Great Wall Automobile Technology Center. In November 2019, it came out to become an automatic driving company. At present, there is a R & D center in Beijing, Shanghai and Baoding. . There is media to disclose the mid-to-year to achieve earnings in 2022, and 2023 book is available.

There are two main lines of business lines, one is a passenger car, a low-speed logistics market. Customers currently have two categories: one is company with software and algorithm capabilities, such as Jingdong, US Mission and Ali, with a hardware and software solution for vehicles, and another type of customer is unmanned sales company. , Logistics enterprises, in the end of the country, can provide “end-to-end” unmanned logistics car products.

In the passenger vehicle service sector, the drove of the mid-to-third, which will be held on the new car in the Great Wall in early 2021. The logistics car market has signed a business contract with Ali and US groups, and the specific landing time and scale have not been disclosed.

Overall, the future of the Great Wall Holdings is independent in all aspects of organizational architecture, profitability, and customers, as well as a long way to go, but traditional business and new business focus on at this stage.

Parts independent help Great Wall Globalization

In 2019, the honeycomb is easy to create, the honeycomb energy, Nobo Auto and Mandel Electronic Appliances participate in the Frankfurt Auto Show. This also transmits us a signal, the independence of the Great Wall parts business, is bound to face the international market.

The parts business go to international customers in an independent posture and is an essential step in implementation of the Globalization Strategy.

At present, in R & D, production, and even sales systems, the Great Wall has a global layout.

In the field of research and development, the Great Wall Auto Parts Enterprises have established Overseas R & D centers in Japan, the United States, Germany, India, Austria and South Korea. It has constructed China Headquarters as the core, covering Europe, Asia, North America, and forming a seven countries. R & D layout.

In the whole vehicle production, Great Wall car Russia built the first overseas whole process car manufacturer of China Automobile Enterprise, and also acquired two factories in India and Thailand, in Malaysia, Ecuador, Iran, Tunisia, Bulgaria. The Great Wall Enterprise has also established a KD factory to achieve global capacity layout.

Obviously, since the Great Wall has a capacity layout in foreign countries, the self-control ability of core components is especially important, so the role of core parts companies can imagine.

However, even if it is not for the industrial chain stability, the Great Wall should create a global enterprise, whether in terms of funds or technology, core parts must create value independently to provide nutrients to the Great Wall, so global road tale Will be longer.

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