On March 2, another car company was established! It is a collection of cars.

The model car is a car company established by Baidu and Geely, the registered capital is 2 billion yuan, of which 55% of Baidu holds stocks, only one directors from the 5 board seats from Geely, is the current Geely Automobile Group CEO, President, An And Cong Hui.

The formal establishment of a collection car marks the official landing of Baidu and Geely joint product. So how do you view a newly established ate car? Why should Baidu choose Geely cooperation? What is the advantage of the Chinese auto market in the group, how is the advantage of a collection of cars? What is the development prospect?

Time is returned to January 11 this year, Baidu announced the union of Geely to form an intelligent electric car company. However, Geely subsequently issued an announcement called the signatory and partner in Baidu.

Regardless of the truth, this attitude of “still half-faced” is more able to stir the market to “false”. Anyway, no matter whether it is finally uncomfortable, it does not affect the car, it does not affect Baidu and Geely’s stock price, similar cases can refer to constant, millet.

The competition pattern of the global vehicle enterprises will have a hundred years. Consumers’ understanding of new energy vehicles from the most beginning, to the spit, to now slowly accept, the best time in the admission has arrived. Therefore, major technology companies, capital markets can be seen in the fanaticism of smart cars.

At the same time, the PC’s darling, such as the “four major portals” represented by Sina, Netease, Tencent, Sohu, and no longer eaten in the mobile Internet era. In recent years, the big giants have been seeking transformation, and they are not willing to miss a new round of wisdom revolution.

Baidu is also the same, as one of the previous bat companies, the highest market value of China has been surpassed in recent years. There is no doubt that smart cars is the most suitable areas that are best suited to continue to maintain advantage, especially to share travel, smart transportation and automatic driving, still have endless imagination.

Previously, Baidu had already invested in Weima, the relationship between the two sides was very close, and the development situation was happy. Now, Baidu personally admittes, and Geely cooperates to make a car, indicating that the pure electric smart cars have a general trend, the temptation is very large, Baidu is interrupted, and the layout is increased.

Interestingly, the name of the collection is from Baidu Ai. Baidu used a AI algorithm to play more than 100 names, and finally identified “collection”, which means “the largest integration of Baidu Ai”. But the “妒” homonymous, but also called “Baili Auto” better than one of the seven sins.

It is reported that the model will be supported by Baidu, Geely. There is no doubt that the centralization of the model will reshape the smart car product form by Baidu in artificial intelligence, Apollo automatic driving, small car, Baidu map. That is, Geely’s vehicle platform technology plus Baidu’s intelligence technology will be the infrastructure of a centralized car.

Based on the current environment of the automotive industry, Baidu needs Geely, Geely needs Baidu, and the joints of both parties have a very strong mutual benefit.

Smart cars are software to define cars, BAT minutes spike traditional car companies, but car manufacturing, supply chain management, sales and after-sales service, or traditional vehicle companies. So, the cooperation model of technology companies + automakers should be born, the former is responsible for intelligent AI, automatic driving, the latter is responsible for manufacturing, the two sides take the required, mutual benefit and win-win.

Alibaba and SAIC jointly established a diplomatic car, which is a strong combination of Internet giants and automotive manufacturing. Changan, Ningde Times, Huawei’s smart car is also on the road. Baidu and Geely are actually a step later, but it is still catching up!

Baidu’s advantage is that the intelligent driving and car network, Baidu Apollo is very likely to become China’s intelligent transportation technology standards. However, in turn, most of the car companies hopes that the core of the software is in their hands, which is also the embarrassing situation facing Baidu.

Therefore, Baidu urgently needs a traditional car company with high sales and willingness to cooperate. Geely car accumulated production and sales volume has exceeded 10 million, and more than 4 consecutive years of sales have more than million, rich in low, medium and high product lines, just satisfying all the conditions.

SAIC and Alibaba cooperation, Baidu and Geely cooperation have released a clear signal, which is the technology company and traditional vehicle enterprises to understand. Instead of doing yourself, I am not good at it, it is better to have a production of the “fetal dead belly”, it is better to play the respective advantages.

From this perspective, it is a representative of the last success.

In a perspective, Li Shufu has a thorough Chinese culture, and will be a short interest in front of him, and mutual benefit cooperation, then a long-term return must not be different. Just like Geely acquiring Volvo, Geely did not have a big knife and cut off the Volvo high-level, but collaborate, in order to have a good situation in which Ji and Volvo works in hand.

At the same time as Baidu jointly, Geely also invests in Jia Yueping. This means that Geely wants to do it in a smart car. Once Jia Yueping and the success of the company have succeeded, Geely’s returns will also be an index level. Just, Geeyche is anxious, because “I can’t eat hot tofu”. Today, Baidu is already official to know, hitting hammer. So, will the millet be far away? Is Tencent easy to try?

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