Traditional fuel truck, if you don’t bring some “electricity”, you can at least be weak mixed, mix, which can only be eliminated in the “ban” era or later.

Once fuel consumption – Great Wall car, I know what it is, and it is good to respond. After the national policy and the industrial development focuses on mixing and electric cars, Great Wall Motors have taken out the lame mixed DHT platform based on the dual motor structure to continue the life of the fuel car.

Lemon mixed DHT platform can develop HEV models, and also develops PHEV models and supports four-wheel drive. In terms of engine, Great Wall Lemon Mixed DHT platform supports 1.5L Atkinson loop engine and 1.5T boost engine to choose from. In terms of power batteries, power battery capacity can be small and supports DC fast charge function as appropriate.

The first model of the lemon mixed DHT platform is the first compact SUV of the wey brand, and its 100-kilometer fuel consumption is only 4.7L.

It is difficult for that the lemon mixed DHT platform also has a four-wheel drive mixed power assembly developed for pure off-road vehicles such as tank 300.

Great Wall lemon mixed DHT total

Compared with the mixing technology of the Japanese manufacturer, the Great Wall Lemon Mixed DHT platform uses a low-speed rate, high-speed direct-driven design concept, and integrates a double-speed transmission within the gearbox, which is more excellent in power and energy consumption. According to the official news of the Great Wall car, the double-speed transmission in the DHT platform has complete independent intellectual property rights.

On March 2, the Great Wall Motor has a global first demolition in a live mode, and the Mixed DHT power assembly internal mechanical mechanism is exposed.

Today, all traditional cars must turn to mix or pure electricity, the lemon mixed DHT platform of the Great Wall car blows the angle of the fuel electric motor.


1.5L Atkinson circular engine

1-2-3 can be used to summarize the technical characteristics of lemon mixed DHT platform.

1 means a mix system, DHT high integrated degree oil and electric hybrid system.

2 means two dynamic forms, and two power solutions of HEV / PHEV.

3 refers to the three sets of power assemblies of three sets of power assemblies.

In terms of components, lemon mixed DHT consists of 1.5L / 1.5T hybrid engine, GM / TM dual motor controller, DHT mixing module, and high-standard power cells.

In terms of mixed special engine, lemon mixed DHT can be used with 1.5L or 1.5T hybrid engine.

Among them, the maximum power of 1.5L naturally aspirated engine can match 100KW DHT module, which consists of 140-170 kW.

The maximum power of 1.5T boost engine can match 130KW DHT module, system integrated power 180-240kW.

In this dismantling live, the 1.5L engine is displayed, and the Atkinson combustion cycle is used, and the compression ratio of the engine is increased to 13: 1 by external water cooling EGR. This engine has a reliability verification for up to 3000 hours to ensure its operational reliability.

1.5T boost engine, the Miller cycle is used, and the VGT supercharger is equipped with a dynamic response capability to increase by 30%. The low speed torque level is 16%, and since the exhaust manifold is integrated on the cylinder head, it can be realized Fast warm-up features, better adapt to the technical needs of hybrid vehicles.


Dual motor parallel shaft

The core of lemon mixed DHT is a DHT module.

DHT module

The role of the DHT module is similar to the gearbox on the fuel truck, and there is a speed reducer, clutch, shifting mechanism, and dual motor in the DHT module.

In the structural DHT module, a dual electron pump design, with the dynamic demand of the whole vehicle, and adjust the start-up of the electronic pump in real time, better internal heat dissipation.

On the clutch structure, the DHT module is designed in single-integrated design, compared to double clutch, lubricating cooling demand, more compact, 50% small compared to the conventional DCT structure.

The core structure of the DHT module is based on the dual motor design on the parallel shaft.

The launch and drive motor arranged on both parallel shafts on the power output shaft, using high magnetic resistance torque design concept, and more than 20% of magnetoal steel is designed to achieve lightweight purposes.

GM / TM motor in the DHT module

GM / TM motor, adopts a card-type flat line winding design, with a slot manner as much as more than 70%, effectively enhances motor power density, reaching 44 kW / L, exceeding the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, “Energy Saving and New Energy Automobile Technology Road map 2.0” is expected The 2025 reached 40 kW / l levels.

In terms of NVH, the two motors use short-range windings, optimize the air gap harmonic, reduce the electromagnetic force of the sections, and improve 48 and 96th-order high frequency noise.

The DHT motor controller is used to drive the dual motor. The controller adopts a new generation of high-altitude Bingfailing TC38 series processor chips, Great Wall Motors, based on this hardware, independently developed control algorithm, realizing scientific and reasonable control of energy flow.

In terms of power batteries, according to the previously released news, the power battery selected by the lemon mixed DHT platform is not limited to the power battery of a certain material.

According to the information disclosed in this dismantling, the power battery of the future lemon mixed DHT platform, its energy density exceeds 160Wh / kg, can provide a maximum 200km pure electrical life mileage. In terms of charge and discharge, the lemon mixed DHT platform will support 11kW AC charging power and DC fast charge. Among them, 80% can be charged at 30 minutes when using DC fast charge function.


100 kilometers fuel consumption 4.7L

Lemon mixed DHT release, or will end the external negative view of the Great Wall Fuel fuel consumption.

According to the vice president of Great Wall Automobile Technology, the first model of the lemon mixed DHT platform will be equipped with the first compact SUV model of the Wey brand, and the car is only 4.7L.

This energy consumption can be achieved, thanks to the variety of working modes provided by the lemon mixed DHT platform. In daily driving, the lemon mixed DHT platform has been driven by EV pure electric mode. When driving at a series of in-line (rate) mode, when traveling at high speed, it takes in parallel. In the brake braking condition, the TM motor converts the recovered brake energy into electrical energy to charge the power battery.

It is worth mentioning that in the mixed DHT in lemon, it also integrates two-speed working mode, which can further reduce the fuel consumption level.

If you really can achieve a hundred kilometers of fuel consumption on the compact SUV model, the oil tiger hat of the Great Wall car will be taken away.

Since the implementation of the Dual Integral Policy of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, fuel consumption and carbon emissions have become a shackle entangled in the Great Wall. The larger the sales of fuel cars, the more fuel consumption and negative points, the more you need more new energy vehicles to be offset.

Although the Great Wall Automobile has a European brand that focuses on pure electric cars, the Great Wall has mastered a certain initiative in dual-point policy.

Although El, the overall sales of the BEV market is small, and for the Great Wall, the Great Wall, the annual sales of 110,000 vehicles, the Euler brand pure electric car can only solve the urgentity, in the long run, the energy consumption of energy consumption is still Is the optimal solution.

Oil can charge, while supporting HEV, PHEV, and matching four-wheel drive technology to support the use of a wide range of wild vehicles. Lemon mixed DHT gives an answer in terms of energy consumption level, scalability.

In the future, the Great Wall Automobile has gradually converted from the ICE fuel truck to the lemon mixed DHT platform car, not only to solve the negative integral problem, but also bring practical fuel consumption and driving experience.

The PHEV four-wheel drive technology in lemon mixed DHT can also make the models such as tank 300 to focus on off-road demand, enhance a step in power level to provide consumers with a better car experience.

It can be said that the emergence of lemon mixed DHT, allowing the Great Wall Motor to take a portal in the fuel consumption and power level.


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