After the highlight of 1.14 million vehicles in 2016, Beijing Hyundai has experienced a quite atriguous development process. In 2020, the tenth generation of Sonata, the seventh generation of Elantra has been listed, and the excellent market performance of the two models has seen new hopes. In 2021, the name also ushered in the new replacement.

On March 1, the new generation is officially launched, and 8 models have been launched, and the price range is 13.38-20.38 million yuan. As a model of Beijing’s modern model launched in the domestic auto market, how is the product of new cars, can be listed, hot, help Beijing Hyundai to open a new era?

Appearance: Dynamic fashion, greatly

In the “color value”, Beijing Hyundai has never disappointed.

From the look, the new generation of famous diagrams become more young, the fuel version of the model uses the family-type intake grille, with two exclusive trim, which seems to be alone, the body line is smart, the motion is sure Improved, the taxi used through the tail light design, which appeared with dynamic fashion.

Among them, the 1.8L model uses a black high gloss to cut the front grille, more exquisite, 1.5T model matches the silver star front grille, and creates a exclusive dynamic image. Consistent with most pure tram types, the name of the pure electric version of the model is basically all the same, but the front face uses a closed air grating and is more avant-garde.

In terms of the body size, the long-width height of the name fuel model is 4780/1815 / 1460mm, the wheelbase is 2770mm, between the Elantra and Sonata, which is more than 70mm, and the bus length has increased by 70mm. The head and leg space are relatively spacious, and the car is highly reduced by 10mm, which seems to be more low atmospheric, which makes a strong sense of motion. Name Purification Edition has a length of 4815/1815 / 1470mm, and the wheelbase is 2770mm.

Interior: fashion technology, big wisdom

Inside the car, the new car uses a ring holder layout. The full-stranded 12.3-inch central control screen, the high-equipped model also has a 12.3-inch LCD instrument, more fashionable and scientific atmosphere, and through the air-conditioned air outlets. Transverse visual effects.

Like the appearance, the name pure version of the fuel version is basically the same, dark and light collision design, which is more in line with young consumers, a large number of soft materials, high-gloss piano paints, Chinese characteristics Decorations, etc., all enhance the motif of the car.

In terms of configuration, a new generation of famous diagrams are equipped with Baidu 3.0 intelligent network system, providing highly convenient smart voice recognition, car home mutual control, BLE Bluetooth key, bluelink, location sharing, etc., and equipped with 23 ADAS intelligence Driving aids can be effective for driving to provide host passive intelligent security protection.

Power: fuel pure electricity, big strength

In terms of power, new cars launched two models of fuel and pure electric edition, and its fuel model is equipped with 1.5T, 1.8L engine, matching 7DCT, CVT transmission, 100 kilometers of fuel consumption of 5.3L.

It is worth mentioning that the new generation of famous diagrams is equipped with 1.5T engine with the world’s first CVVD technology. On the basis of variable valve control technology, it can turn on the operating time according to the road conditions, the vehicle speed, and adjust the valve to turn the engine power. The moment is strong, the fuel consumption is better, and its maximum power is 125kW, the maximum torque 253N · m.

At present, the global automotive industry is in the wave of traditional fuel vehicles to electric transformation, and the name map has also launched a pure version of model. It is equipped with a “three-in-one” electric drive system, the maximum power is 135kW, the maximum torque 310n · m, the integrated battery life is 520km.

Name pure version The maximum speed can reach 165km / h, 100 kilometers power consumption is only 12.5kWh, and it is very good to see this “three-in-one” electric drive system is very good. Its charging system adopts slow-charged charge, transformer, high pressure junction box height integrated design, which can not only effectively achieve light quantization, reliability and efficiency.

Write in the last:

The modern name has been launched in China since 2013, the accumulated sales have exceeded 750,000. The upgrade of this change has greatly improved the product forces of modern name, making new cars have a good performance in appearance, interior, intelligence, driving force, and more pure version of the model, and the price is quite sincerity.

So the problem is coming, do you think the new generation of famous pictures can achieve a better market performance?

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