Wuling Hongguang Mini EV is undoubtedly the most popular electric model. No matter how other brands are pushing out, Wuling Hong Kong MINI EV has been ranked before, it can be said that he is high. But because of this, many Wuling Minghong MINI EV appeared. Wuling Hongguang Mini EV as a mini electric vehicle, although the cost is very high, the appearance is also very resistant, but the configuration is not high, the low-model type and even the airbag does not have a lot of car, so many regrets have some regrets. Recently, there is a launch of a car, perhaps becoming the existence of Mitsubaramine Mini EV, it is Si Wei E10X, pre-sale price is less than 40,000 yuan, only 39,900 yuan, and all marked airbags, It is more advanced than the macro Mini EV, how is the Siyu E10X that will be listed? Let’s take a look with the author.

Let’s take a look at its front face shape, the whole face style is still more cute, the whole face is also very round. The closed intake grille uses a hollow honeycomb net heat dissipation hole in the portion below, but also increases the richness of the front face design. The headlights on both sides are a relatively rounded inverted trapezoid, and a black trim is used to connect to the level of the front face. The lower part also uses a “U” shape decorated with black trim, and it has increased its head width and creates a feeling of smile. At this time, you are adding a headlight, is it like a Zhang Zheng is holding cool face.

The entire shape of the side is also rounded, and the two-color body belongs to a contrast color, and there is a more design line decoration, so that the entire side will not appear too plane, or you can find a well-designed.

The overall shape of the tail is also very round. The taillights on both sides are also biased, and the overall design is also echoing with the head design, plus the “U” decorative strip of the tail, and the design echoing the design of the front, whole The design of the car is very unified.

The whole color of the interior is the same as the body, and the overall black redesome plus large-area white contrast is already very distinct. It has added the Ming Yellow of the body in some details, and the whole feels Very young fashion. Plus large-sized central control screens, the overall interior is still very textured.

In terms of power, Si Wei E10X is equipped with 30kW and 45KW permanent magnet synchronous motor according to different versions, and the battery life is divided into three versions, with 150K, 200km and 302km, respectively. What do you think about such a mini electric vehicle?

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