Most of the new energy vehicles have been made in this area in the past few years. In many consumer hearts, pure electric vehicles are placed more. The reasons did not him, when most domestic pure electric vehicles used a mini-vehicle design, plus most of the battery life between 150km to 200km, and even the 300km models were less, so that the scope of driving is limited to In the urban area, as a simple summary tool.

But after Tesla took the lead in entering the new energy market, it also made this field began to differentiates, low-end cheap and weak microcons with high-end atmospheric life-fired Tesla, the price is even more difference, at the time Most domestic pure electric models are affected by subsidies. After subsidies, even less than 50,000, you can start a green brand, and Tesla is more than 800,000 and even millions of models. Until recent years, BYD and other car companies took the lead in developing new energy battery life, and now the most domestic pure electric car battery life exceeded 300km.

After people have gradually accepted new energy vehicles, many luxury cars have also accelerated the design and development of new energy automotive products. This model today is the upcoming Audi New Electric Edition Audi E-tron listed in March.

In terms of appearance, Audi’s new car adopts a hexagonal hollow NET design, and the grid-shaped China network plus Audi logo makes the car identification higher. The sharp hawk eye head headlights cover smooth lines make this car more muscle. The air inlet at the fog lamp is further expanded, so that this car looks more coupe. This Audi E-Tron design platform is the same as Audi R8, which also adds a layer of aura for this new pure electric vehicle. The most favorite is the design of the car, in addition to slipping, the new car is also adopted by aerodynamics design. It seems that it has a few points of technology, and it is not allowed to bring the superun. The communication.

In the interior design, this brand new Audi E-TRON uses a double-fly multi-function steering wheel, and the intermediate border uses silver chrome-plated decoration, more significant. 12.3-inch full liquid crystal dashboard with embedded 10.1 inch large medium control screen and 8.6-inch split control screen design, so that the whole vehicle appears to be very technological. The air-conditioned air outlet through the dashboard also brings different feelings.

In terms of power, according to the overseas version, this Audi Electric E-Tron will use two motors, the maximum power is 135kW and 165kW, the peak torque is 664N ยท m, and it is equipped with a 95KWH power battery to make it The ability is 470km. Do you like it for this luxury electric vehicle that is about to be listed in March?

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