In recent years, the development of domestic cars can be described as a sharp step, especially several emerging new energy auto companies, and a variety of models launched make people feel the “true fragrance” of the domestic car. Since 2015, emerging domestic independent brands have taken out after the rain, but there are some brands that have fierce market competition, and they are eliminated under the wheels of the times. After many shuffles, they can still stand today. In the line, there is a small number of brands, and it is, ideal, Xiaopeng is still standing in the first line after several competition.

First, let’s take a group of data. In the past 2020, it has delivered 43728 new cars, and in January this year, it sold 7225 new cars, which has increased by 352.1% year-on-year. A monthly delivery of a single month delivery of a military car was created in a month. It is in this outstanding sales performance, and the market value of the Group has also set new high for more months, and now has broken through 100 billion US dollars, and has become a real new energy.

Xiaopeng, which is one of Sanyuan, also shows outstanding. In 2020, 27041 new cars were delivered all year round. Among them, the ace model, Xiaopeng P7, only half a year, has already sold over 10,000, and won the market word of mouth, and set the new brand model to deliver the fastest record. The performance of 2020 is excellent enough, and the future of Xiaopeng is also worth looking forward to. In January of this year, Xiaopeng Automobile and the five banks in Guangdong Province signed a cooperation agreement. Five banks gave a total of 12.8 billion yuan to Xiaopeng loans, support Xiaopeng’s business expansion and sales services.

So in the next year, what can I have received an emerging enterprise of the domestic three-bridge stick? Weima cars may have some friends who don’t know much, but the brand sells 22,495 new cars in 2020. This achievement is also very good, just behind the three companies, ideals, Xiaopeng. Since the listing of the Weima EX5, 40,000 vehicles have been sold since the listing, which has become a non-critical bicycle, which can be seen that the market is recognized by its strength. Not only that, the Weimar has just signed an agreement with a number of banks not long ago, and the amount of cooperation is as high as 1.15 billion yuan. Under such a strong capital, Weima is expected to log in to the Board this year and create a new industry.

In the past 2020, although it is negatively affected by various aspects such as epidemic, the overall domestic economy is overall, and the new power of emerging rises is constantly breaking new records. In the next year, what kind of new cars can be brought to consumers, let us wait and see.

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