On the opening day of Weima Technology, Weima cars debuted the third intelligent pure electric SUV – W6. Since the first domestic unmanned airborne model, the Weima W6, which caused the entire car ring, and many small friends have begun to move, I want to personally drive the charm of unmanned.

Intelligent Technology: Weima W6 is equipped with 22 sensors, including 5 77GHz millimeters, 5 cameras, and 12 ultrasonic radar, relying on a strong operational vehicle computing platform, plus Baidu in high-precision positioning, car network communication And the ability of the cloud scheduling, you can achieve a specific scene’s unmanned driving, while saving time, you can also alleviate the driver’s pressure in the newcomer.

As a smart car, OTA upgrade is a factor that many consumers considered. It is reported that the vehicle gateway of Weimar W6 introduces redundant design of the two-operating system backup mechanism. When the system is upgraded in the background OTA, the vehicle can still drive normally, all updates will be automatically completed in the background, there is no interference to the driving vehicle, avoiding the occurrence of safety accidents.

As the popularity of smart electric vehicles, Weima Automobiles, the pricing of W6 believes in the price range that most users will have to let high-tech will enter thousands of households. It is getting closer and closer to Weima W6, and I want to get a small partner of Weima W6, don’t miss this opportunity.

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